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i love all anime simple as that ^_^

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What?! No anime ratings?

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kagome339 Jul 23, 2012

coooooolllll XD awesome :)

kagome339 Jul 21, 2012

legalities suck sometimes T^T, but what do you mean new one?? like there gonna re-do the shows and air em? if they do I WANNA SEE!! ^-^

kagome339 Jun 4, 2012 reasons... curses :o dang... so when you watched it, all 26 episodes were there? I wish I'd tryed to find it sooner TwT

kagome339 May 26, 2012

i went to the site but it says it only has the first 3 episodes was it like that for you? and also the second episode stops in the middle, was it doing that to you also??

kagome339 May 26, 2012

yeah I couldn't find any site's to watch OR read and i was getting frustrated, cuz i like the story plot and i really want to see it TwT