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Summary: It is a tolerable read. Probably best as a read for children or teens.


Awesome premise, but the story could be a lot better than it is. The first quarter of the first book is just the MC murder-hoboing around and gaining new "skills" before he even meets anyone to talk to. It was pretty boring at this part because it is literally just a list of fight scenes and a list of the new abilities he was getting over and over and over and over again. About half of the text is made up of this setting's technobabble. The first quarter of the book was definatly the hardest to get through due to the repititious fight scenes and technobabble.

The setting and characters are pretty shallow and simple. There isn't any intrigue in the story. The MC is a perverted nerd character that likes to make references to pop culture through qoting things. His partner is a little catgirl who doesn't yet have a real personality and just plays off the MCs dialogue for comedic effect or to make the MC sound smart. On the positive side she also brings in the only goal in the story, so far, to bring a bit of purpose to their wanton murder-hoboism.

The best demographics for this book are probably late children to mid teens.

3/10 story
4/10 art
3/10 characters
3/10 overall
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