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Alebord Jan 19, 2017

Last year was too good to make a comparison ;P

*Nanbaka; might watch it after blue exorcist ^^

I really like the ending of Ao no Exorcist (The first one) It's looking great even tho i'm not far yet ! Need more time ;P

^^ I wonder what you will think of rewrite ;P 

trickster; the long wait for something good to happend ;P (will something good ever come out of this? who knows ! ^^

What do you think of kimi no na wa? I watched is recently It was so beautiful!! :3 but i was expecting it to be way more sad ^^ 


Alebord Jan 18, 2017

I don't mind fanservice as long as it dosen't look forced, so that help ;P and if it looks great (the art style) i'm in for pretty much anything! ^^

Last year was pretty good yeah! ^^ there are some that i want to watch, but i still have a few others before ;P This season is like a bunch of season 2 ;P  

How do you find Nanbaka? I wanted to watch it, but i'm not sure ;P 

I started Ao no exorcist! That's good! :3 (One more to add to my ongoing list.. (I got 20 already please don't! X) ;) I'm only at the season 1 for now tho ^^

You can wait for the 2n ep of rewrite and watch the 2 at the same time ;)  It's suposed to be this weekend ^^

Reduce anime again! That's sad ;P Drop Trickster x) I almost want to.. I thout it would be 12 ep not 24 ;P i'm getting borred ;P


Alebord Jan 16, 2017

Don't worry about it ^^ You pobably have to study a lot! (Probably more then i ever did.. if i ever did ? ^^)

even a hint of incest X) No game no life was so great, but i can barely remember the anime :( i'll have to rewatch it sometime! ^^

Hum those are some interesting points ;P I felt like SAO had of everything, but not enough of everything and too many different things. Extreme badass moments, but extreme weak moments. If you want to make a character badass make it badass for real! Don't just fake it, same goes for a weak character don't just switch between one another again and again^^

Same thing with the character fluctuations, i don't mind that (actually i like it), but it would have been great if they took the focus out of kirito more. ;P

I still liked it because of the art style and i found the genre-crossing story entertaining too ^^ Some parts were exaggerated tho.. (a lot)

(Last year anime WERE better ;P) (There are alawys a lot ;P)

Now you know that refreshing your page is a bad idea ^^ It's sad tho, you took time to write something and i can't read it ^^

Are there some ongoing that you'll continue or you stop all of them? (And do you saw the first of rewrite season 2? :3)


Alebord Jan 14, 2017

It's really rare that i can't stand a character to the point where i don't want to watch and there is no way i could stop if it has a good story ^^ Actualy it's so rare that i can list them; Don KANONJI and Betelgeuse ROMANEE-CONTI a long list right? ^^ (I thout there was more ;P)

For me SAO was average, i can see why some people like it a lot and why some dislike it, well i think a lot of people had too much hype about it and ended up disappointed, so they started to hate it ^^ I'm sure that a lot of people who hate it would have enjoyed it at least more then they do right now if everyone said that it was terrible ;P The same thing happend to me with One punch man, everyone told me it's incredible and that i had to watch it, so i was really hoping for it to be awesome.. I got so much disappointed.. I'm sure i would have enjoyed it if i had no expectations ^^ I really want to watch season 2, because i'm going to have a really low expectations ;P You think you can try to explain a bit more why you gave it 0.5? ^^

When i said i looked at your rating graph i mean the one at the end of your bio, you give higher ratings then me ! O:

*Masamune-kun's revenge, You saw it, then here we go! ^^ First i still enjoyed it, less then expected, but it was still good ;P

I think the BIG mistake they made is that they didn't respect the personality they gave to the guy at first! He had such a big turn on how he's acting and his decision making! Everything that was so great and funny changed :( Also the plot they set dosen't last long enough.. Nothing lasted more then 1 ep yet I hope they change that ;P


typical girl dreamt by guys? ^^ Defenitly not my type X) She's just funny and seems so innocent ^^ Ok she might be pushy ^^ but i find it so funny when a pushy character is shy because of something (like ep3) ^^ Actually when a character is pushy the emotions that pass thru often en up funny ^^ Just to say it again, the childhood friend (plz win) ;P 

*IRL romance

I'm happy that i don't do that ^^ it would destroy so many great mood X) Well then you might like Scum's wish, because i feel like it's going to be this way eventually ^^ Desperate is the word ;P All these dating site are the proof ^^ 

Glad that you like the season 2 ! ^^ Konosuba is so funny ;3

*Scum's wish

It's probably going to be really sad yeah ^^ and no there is no harem X) Tell me what you think of it if you watch it ^^

*physical therapy

I might go one day ^^ My jaw used to stuck and i couldn't open my mouth at all or very little ;P It didn't happend since a long time, but it still crack often and really hard sometimes ;P

28 isn't that old ;P I tend to be with older people (I don't really get along with people of my age ;P well i do, but not? it's complicated ^^ I often get told that i have an old soul ^^) for real 28 isn't that old ;P 

I'll wait a few years to travel for many reason actually; first the same as you i need more money ;P but i also want my job to be more stable and eventually have my house ;P Also i don't really want to travel alone, so i need to find someone to go with ^^


ah ah x) Well sometimes you have do magic to repair something ^^ Thanks! :3 i hope it goes well ;) 

(so is murder and violence haha) Why am i laughing to murder and violence? X)

If there is a low demand it's because you did your job wrong and everyone died, because as long as there is people alive the demand is going to be high ^^ (On no i scratched myself i need to go to the hospital and make everone wait even longer instead of buying a Band aid ^^)

It is frustrating sometime like when someone lie to you (this happend like a week ago X), so after that we went to the place (around 1.40h road) they said it was just a little thing, so we go there the same day and not the day after, but after we saw what it was we just went back and had to go again the day after .. what a waste of time ;P (It was so late in bonus --' i got to my house after 12 in the night ;P) *angry people, Oh really? Dealing with angry people makes me smile and laugh, sometimes that makes them even more angry. or they just calm down really fast either way i don't care ^^ Most of the time i'm really patient, pretty much alawys actualy ^^ some people even gave me weird patience related nicknames that i never remember ^^ ( I find that too weird X) I don't feel that much patient, but i think everyone look impatient and everyone says i'am patient, so i gess i am ^^

Sleep? What's that? OH i stopped sleeping since years! ^^ Actualy i do sleep even if sometime i don't get enough i alawys try to sleep enough ^^ I never wake up to an alarm, so that help ^^

Rewrite season 2 first ep is out! Just watched it ;P


Alebord Jan 14, 2017

rewrite* 'll explain my ''MORE'' ^^ I meant that i need more then a closure, i need explanation of.. pretty much everything x) I wouldn't be satisfied with just a closure ;P

I was like ''your more picky then me'' then i saw your rating graph X) I'm surprised ;P

Even if i criticize an anime i still enjoy watching it ^^ Even Youjo Senki i was kind of enjoying it in some way, but not enough (and i had to drop some X) 

An anime that i do not enjoy would be a 0.5★ (the A-P 0★ X) I'll describe it as ''A black screen is more entertaining'' ^^ None of the anime that i saw sucessfully reatched that point! Yet!

*Masamune-kun's revenge, lost that mood after ep 2 and it was one anazing mood :( I'll describe more after you watched it ^^

*Fuuka* But what if the childhood friend win? O: plz do (ok we all know that won't happend) But i really hope she does, even if i like the personality of Fuuka, the time she was on the phone :3 *Awn* That was way too touching :3 She even got your heart! :3 Just saw ep3! :3 That was great! :3 You might less like it since it's at the beach ;P ^^

I don't compare that much the anime romance with IRL romance, i don't even think about it much for real it alawys end up with a ''yeah i could.. why not.. maybe.. or not.. Meh nah'' Being alone is the best ^^ When i think about relationship i think about being stuck .. ;P (weird huh?) Now that i think about it i might really like Fuuka, because of some irl stuff ^^ It's not that hard to live with somebody, but i think you need to settle down before you do ;P I feel like so many people are in a hurry of getting in relationship (I'll stop there i was going too far X)

Konosuba season 2 feels just like season 1, so if your enjoying it i'm pretty sure it'll be as much enjoyable ^^

As for Scum's Wish i'll give you something more relevant;

The main character is a girl that is in love with her bigbrother who's her teatcher, but her bigbrother (ONIII-SAN) (sorry i had to) is in love with another teatcher. AND there is a guy who's in love with this other teatched. The main character --- too complicated i'll do this instead

Girl like onii-san  BUT

onii-san like girl teatcher    AND

girl teatcher like onii-san    BUT

random guy like girl teatcher  SO

Girl and random guy go out together and imagine that there each other crush.. Is that understandable? I hope so ^^ Cliche romance'  It's kind of sad too'

*Physical Therapy*

Is it only for people who had an accident, or i could go to for whatever reason? Like as a real example a stuck jaw? (like couldn't open mouth) ^^ 

Your not that old at 28? x) you still have a good 30 years that you can travel easily ^^ Talking of taveling makes me want to travel so bad :3 God i'll go everywhere X) Just gotta wait a few years :3

I didn't understand what kind of art you are doing i looked for traditional sketches and still don't know ^^


Well it's not that hard when you have a big sense of logic and be inventive ^^ If not you'll rush ;P Being good in math&informatic help a lot too. It can be with machines (not alawys) ^^ Or in a factory, it's pretty much an electrician and a mechanician in on person ;P It's good, because after that you can repair pretty much anything X) It's a very wide domain ;P I think to take care of a company is going to be harder tho (god this is complicated and i just started) even if you don't have conection in the medical domain it's in demand pretty much everywhere, so you should be fine ^^

By hours i mean everything about them! ^^ When, how many, where and how! 

When i'll have more experiment and will take the company i won't have this problem anymore, but for now;

The hours are variable, i don't know at what hour i start until the day before like Sunday i'll know when i start Monday.

Even less when i finish even if i'm suposed to finish at a special hour, we can have a call and need to go somewhere, so it's kind of anoying ;P 

Sometime i can drive for around 1hour or more to get somewhere do a little thing that takes 10min then drive back.. ;P

A day can be normal with around 9hours of average work or it can be a complete 14hours rush of really hard stuff ^^ the max i did was 7 in the morning to 9 the evening with 1 break to eat lunch ^^

When you go to a call you have NO idea when you'll come back .. ;P it can take 5 min or 5 hours ^^

Even like this it's a job that i'll enjoy (There is the money that come with it too ;P :3) It's fun to be on the road, not alawys work at the same place, but to get back to most of the places time to time ^^ It feels great to help people and it's funny to deal with angry people X) Saying hi to so many people everyday ^^ Lisening to some music whyle talking to coworkers and building an elevator ^^ or driving to go from place to place ^^

It's hard to explaning with writing ^^ but it's fun ;P Looks terrible seen like that x)

AND i have no idea how i find time to watch anime, but i do! ^^That's what's important ;P