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Alebord Jan 27, 2017

Bad thing i'm sick again! ^^ So unlucky --' I'm almost never sick usually.. ;P (2 Weekend in a row --')

lol, i didn't even took the Shiemi&Rin ship seriously X) (Who care about Shiemi anyway? Wasn't she already a Sakura? ^^)

I'm just like Izumo&Rin plz ^^ I kinda like the kind of personality that Izumo has ;P

Random ships;  Rin&Izumo    Yukio&Shiemi     Shura&Renzou    Kuro&Mephisto (Well he can transform into a dog ;)   and..  Konekomaru&Bon (The 2 left ;P)

I'm wondering if you'll enjoy Fuuka or not X) (Hope so ;)

You saw the last ep of Scum's Wish? O: There going far ^^ it's so great :3


Alebord Jan 25, 2017

Scum's Wish is really great! :3 Even if the story wasn't good, the art is so beautiful :3 But we got both! ^^

''one of those straight romance animes that actually have a story''

X) I hope so!

Not sick anymore! Lucky for me it was mostly during the weekend ^^ (Thanks god ;) 

I saw the season 2 of Ao no exorcist, but it's kind of weird isn't it?  It's happening somewhere in the first season and they repeat so many thing that i'm wonderting if it's intentional. ;P I thought it was for those who saw the first season a long time ago, but it's not even in the same circumstances ^^ I'm not sure about that, because there are so many things that are unclear ^^ And i don't really dislike the ok characters, but i already disliked them ;P

Tell me when you watch more of Fuuka! ^^ 

Fuuka and Scum's Wish are my 2 pref from this season, for now!


Alebord Jan 21, 2017

Well rewrite is in the weekend, so it's not that bad ^^

*Kimi no na wa, I didn't saw FMA:B yet (I need to ;) ^^ I didn't meant that it should be more sad, but that i thout it would be! The story is perfect just the way it is ;P

I think i could criticized an anime for that.. i can't find any example tho.. Well no actually, if the execution is good then anything does the work! ;P You were right X)

Scum's Wish is good btw! :3

I woke up at 3 in the morning,(Sick --') so i watched a lot of Blue Exorcist ^^ It's great! There's even a cat!! :3 

Fuuka started to have some music (for real) :3 It's going to be so nice ^^


Alebord Jan 19, 2017

Last year was too good to make a comparison ;P

*Nanbaka; might watch it after blue exorcist ^^

I really like the ending of Ao no Exorcist (The first one) It's looking great even tho i'm not far yet ! Need more time ;P

^^ I wonder what you will think of rewrite ;P 

trickster; the long wait for something good to happend ;P (will something good ever come out of this? who knows ! ^^

What do you think of kimi no na wa? I watched is recently It was so beautiful!! :3 but i was expecting it to be way more sad ^^ 


Alebord Jan 18, 2017

I don't mind fanservice as long as it dosen't look forced, so that help ;P and if it looks great (the art style) i'm in for pretty much anything! ^^

Last year was pretty good yeah! ^^ there are some that i want to watch, but i still have a few others before ;P This season is like a bunch of season 2 ;P  

How do you find Nanbaka? I wanted to watch it, but i'm not sure ;P 

I started Ao no exorcist! That's good! :3 (One more to add to my ongoing list.. (I got 20 already please don't! X) ;) I'm only at the season 1 for now tho ^^

You can wait for the 2n ep of rewrite and watch the 2 at the same time ;)  It's suposed to be this weekend ^^

Reduce anime again! That's sad ;P Drop Trickster x) I almost want to.. I thout it would be 12 ep not 24 ;P i'm getting borred ;P