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miubot Dec 20, 2017


Tisarana Sep 19, 2017

Haha yeah, that's really a coincidence! 

Hm, as for my illustrations I guess you could say that book illustration would be my fortè. But in this line of work you can't really be all that picky, since there isn't too much work, at least where I live. So I also did storyboards, animation work or 'classic' graphic design work. However when it comes down to it, it is sadly not really how I imagined it would be. I already felt it during my study time; I lost almost all of my passion to draw and that is saying something, because in school drawing and painting were my everything. I sat down almost every day to practice anatomy etc.

In the end I believe the issue is the lack of freedom I have when working. I understand that sometimes you have to do stuff that isn't fun, that's normal. But my 'art' (if you want to call what I do art) is something very personal for me and I have a mind of my own when it comes to it. Which is why I decided to go back to university and do my own 'art projects' on the side. There is still much I want to learn and I prefer to it without the constant fear of not having enough money to pay the bills. So right now I draw mostly to relax. The first 'project' I want to to is illustrating the epic of Gilgamesh. I'm a sucker for old mythologies and religion so figured I might as well start there^^' And of course I also like to draw manga...for the fun of it.

Did I understand you correctly, when you went to college did you do illustration as well? If so what kind? 

Tisarana Sep 15, 2017

Hiya, this time I'm faster ;)

Yeah I've heard that Kino No Tabi gets a new series...but I'm a little sceptical to be honest. Mainly since Lerche as a studio has put out some really bad shows, or because I don't really like the way the characters are drawn. Of course that's just my personal taste, but one of the reasons why I liked the old show was its style; the new one looks far more generic. I'm not sure, but I thought it would be a sequel, I could be mistaken though. But hey, maybe I'll be surprised and it turns out amazing so we'll see. ;)  

I have some free time right now; I've finished studying two years ago and I have been working since then. But I'm not too happy with my job (I'm an Illustrator) so I'll be going back to university this October. I want to study special needs education, so basically I want to work with disabled children. So right now I'm packing my things since I have to move soon. 

You're right, anime can be a great stress reliever! Especially if you have to balance studying and work, that really sounds quite stressful! 

But hey at least I finished Casshern Sins...really depressing show; so much death and suffering. Too much for me, I think I should watch something more uplifting next.

zerothehero Sep 15, 2017

Haha, that's cool. Yoosung was my first route and it was good! Who was your first route??

How did you find out about Mystic Messenger?

I actually started playing in the summer this year when my friend recommended it to me. He's a weird fellow I would say. He's really into otome games or like games where you can make choices and it affects things. I know it's a game mostly directed towards girls or women, but it looked pretty interesting. :P

(I'm also a weird person who apparently answers their own question)  ゚,_ゝ゚

Yeah, I did finish everything. I wish I could talk more about the routes and endings, but better wait 'till you finish all the endings. No spoilers!!

I know right?! It's pretty crazy. lel

zerothehero Sep 14, 2017


No worries for the questions. I get curious sometimes to lel. My favorite has to be Yoosung. He's just really similar to me in many ways lol.

I have actually completed most of the routes, all except V's route. I guess it's okay if you don't complete all of the endings. It's pretty interesting though so I would recommend you do check them out if you have any free time of course.

I have actually completed all of the routes, both good and bad, all except V's route. They launched it in August and I didn't realize until my friend told me lol.

I guess it's okay if you don't complete all of the endings. It's pretty interesting though so I would recommend you do check them out. If you have any free time of course. ^^

Also.. I don't know if it's just me or something but I really think V looks a lot like Viktor from Yuri!! on Ice. And both of their names/nickname starts with V?? But I don't know..

Victor NIKIFOROV Image result for mystic messenger v