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WonderBoom Jan 2, 2017

It seems you're quite new, welcome to anime-planet!

Alebord Jan 2, 2017

In brief you like yaoi i like yuri X)

Well if you like KonoSuba you'll have the season 2 soo, so that's great! ^^

Kyoukai no kanata, I need to watch this show! :3 everybody alawys talk about it ;P

Wich clip of Keijo did you watch? Watch this one ^^

''biceps and abs and great muscles'' Not for me X)

I watched Rewrite yesterday :3 and oh got i was yelling at my screen XD The end is so Grrrr! ^^

Luckly the season 2 is soon ^^ Otherwise i would have freaked out ;P (I need to know!!)


Alebord Jan 1, 2017

Almost watched Blie exorcist, but it's too long to watch before the new comes out 

Yeah it's probably because your a girl ^^ (Or more because your not into girls probably, the only girl i know that like it are into girls ;P)

I say that, because you gave 4.5★ to Yuri on Ice xD (Wich there is no way i'll watch X)

I really enjoyed Konosuba, but i'm not sure it suits your tastes ;P

Maybe you'll like it ^^ you never know

That's sad ;p the are some anime with Moe that are actually pretty good! 

Just watch something really hardcore like Keijo&Masou Gakuen and you'll pay less attention to these details after ^^ (Not a good idea, especialy Masou Gakuen i don't even know how this is considered an anime ^^)


Alebord Jan 1, 2017

AoEx is the blue exorcist thing right? (really don't know)

I'm watching some season 1 to be ready for the season 2 that are coming out  ^^

After Rewrite i'll watch Tales of Zestiria ;P (Should be pretty soon)

Was it good? :3

I'm not good for suggestions i just like everything X) (and i watch wat too much ecchi stuff X)

I have a list of every anime that i'll watch the first ep *Here* (No way i'll watch all of them. there are some that i know i won't watch, but that i'll still give a chance)

The one i'm sure i'll watch are Konosuba season 2 (just watched season 1 :3), Rewrite 2, little witch academia TV (didn't like it that much, but i'm curious) and all of the one that looks nice (I mean the art style)^^

Even with a bad story, I enjoy way too much a nice art style ;P


Alebord Jan 1, 2017

Thanks! :3 (I'm kinda crazy about GIF's ^^)

Your rating system is well organised for sure ;P

There are so many anime that you can be as picky as you want and still have tons to watch ^^

Planing on watching any of the winter 2017 anime? :3