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Alebord Jan 10, 2017

Ha ha! Then i can't wait even more that you finish it X)

I doublecheck too and i even searched for tales of berseria anime, because it's the name of the game with the girl ^^

Hum; (PS: god i'm watching too much --' Prob drop some when the 2n EP batch comes out ;)

Spiritpact; (yaoi really didn't know that ^^)didn't enjoyed 3/4 of the first ep, but i feel like it's going to get good in the end;P

Nyanko Days; Don't question it, that's my guilty pleasue, 5 min of cute&cat things.. So trashy tho X)

Akiba's Trip; I had too much expectations, so i ended up disapointed ^^ Still watching it's funny enough

Masamune-kun's Revenge; Same as you for this one funny&revenge plot^^ and i thout it was going to be boring, but NO! a good surprise ;)

Fuuka; God i like this :3 !! I really like the story and the love triangle !!! :3 This is going to be good ! :3 *Hype*

Tales of Zestiria: The X; I finished the season 1 right before the 2, so it just feel like the continuation ^^

Seiren; Not what i expected, It's literally a reject dude with girls making fun of him ''tease''  I have no idea where this is going, probably going to get like the description.. If they add a bit more comedy i could get good, but i don't feel like they will..

Schoolgirl Strikers; I have 1 thing to say.. don't watch this, it's bad.. I just couldn't drop it (Probably will drop after ep 2)

Urara Meirochou; Eh? A girl that know nothing and lives in the wood with animals try to tell people their future.. Oh and 3 others girls are with her trying to tell people future too..To become the new ''girl that tells future'' (there is a real name for that and it's more important then just that) Kinda cute, but meh How is it not even tagged Ecchi ..? With loli too

Gabriel Dropout; Friendly demon, not friendly angles..? And angel that just give up and start behing a gamer... Where is this going? No idea! 

Little Witch Academia;Way better then expected! The movie wasn't explaning thing enough, but they have more time in the anime, so it's better :3

ēlDLIVE; Dropped it, the first thing that came to my mind was UGH.. It's random and it was so borring that it made me think that they were exegarating with breast.. (I had nothing else to think of to think that and it was borring enough to get me in that mood ;) I watched masou gakuen.. and kinda liked it... so...

Youjo Senki; Dropped,.. Time to explain X) I disliked the art style SO much and From the part that i saw (couldn't even finish ep 1...) I disliked the characters too.. Tell me what you think of it! I'm thinking about trying to finish at least ep 1, but i almost never not finish an ep, so it had to be really borring to me ^^

*thinking ok i'm watching too much* *realise* *there are still some that aren't out...*

-Rewrite2, konosuba2, hand shakers, Scum's Wish, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and one room. *cries* X) 

And the worst part is that i don't think i'll drop those X)

Luckly i have lost of free time even tho i started working (today :3) 

I forgot one! *c'mon no more ! ^^*

Demi-chan wa Kataritai; I had Way too high expectations for this one, but in the end it's great ^^ 


Alebord Jan 9, 2017

''more guys'' X) I'm kinda happy it wasn't the case ;P

I want to see what you will think of the end of Rewrite too X)


Yeah it wasn't the most interesting part, but curiousity makes us want to know what happen after ^^

In the opening we see the girl fight Sorey! Here's the part

So i wasn't the only one that thout it felt like a different anime ;P


Watched some ep of the new ongoing? :3


Alebord Jan 9, 2017

Yay' ^^ It's great! :3 The season 2 is really soon in bonus :3

My favourite part~ was in ep5 (pretty sure it's ep 5) In the church you probably know wich one :3 

Yeah i watched the first ep of Tales of Zestria season 2 ^^ 

I want to know the what happen to the girl that was in jail! (with the weird hand) That part was so short X) Also felt kinda random, i thout i was watching the wrong episode ^^


Alebord Jan 6, 2017

Yeah ^^ That's why i said i wasn't sure if you like it ^^

I don't really like the style either, but after a couple of EP i felt like it's suits the anime and has some charm :3

Need to finish Tales of Zestiria before season 2! I already stated to watch the new ongoing :3 Kinda forgot it ^^


WonderBoom Jan 5, 2017

Woah! You're a zaiyan?! I would have never known!