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**An anime lover, doctor irl, and part time storyboard artist and writer, who loves to complain about certain animes BUt also wants to see the good in every anime SEE THE STRUGGLE

Hello. I’ve been an avid fan of anime ever since I could remember—mainly fantasy-adventure-action animes. But I also have taken a liking on high quality comedy anime to chill my mind with (*cough* Gekkan Shoujo, Saiki K 'fight me') and animes with great bromance as the years passed by. (but not really yaoi, yet)

And in the same way, I really had no intention of dropping any animes because, you know, I have this prideful feeling wherein I have to finish every anime I have started, which I eventually had to stop feeling. And I did. In a way, I am this kind of person that tries to see the good things in any anime, ALWAYS, so if I dropped an anime—or say that I hate a particular anime—it means business.

Favorite Anime Genre: Adventure-Fantasy-Action

I am biased with animes that presents travelling around the world with some kind of purpose, whether it's their job, or they want to save the world, or anything. If the worlds have different kinds of supernatural creatures that somehow blend with society, such as elves, giants, fairies, wolf humans, orcs, etc., it's a plus. Substantial action with strategies is also a plus.

Least Favorite Anime Genre: Romance, Ecchi, Harem

Romance is too cliche and most of the time, it's just love at first sight which looks incredibly desperate and forced. If you are into that thing, then good for you. For me, it's boring. If an anime has a MAIN genre of ROMANCE, then I am hoping for substance, for progression, for something to build up as time goes. Romance is only good when it's a side dish to a main course because romance, in my opinion, should be not a person's main goal in life. It should be something else. Romance is something that just happens along the way if you're lucky. 

Ecchi does not work for me. 

Harem is irritating for me.

Basis of my ratings 0-5 (0-10 correspondents):

0.5 (or 1) - if only I could rate it 0 or a negative number, I would. Trust me.

1 (or 2) - Unbearable, but I definitely did NOT like it. And I dropped it because I can't see where this is going anymore.

1.5 (or 3) - Bearable. Finished it. Did not like it.

2 (or 4) - Bearable. Finished it. Was good at the start, then somewhere down the road, it tripped along itself, got off from the road, stumbled down a cliff, tumbled down some rocks, and crashed itself.

2.5 (or 5) - Finished it. Good, but it felt lacking with zero potential to continue or redeem itself.

3 (or 6) - Finished it. Good, but I wasn't so eager as to finish the anime in one sitting because it's not that interesting (or not that engaging). But I will still refer to it as a good watch. Just not amazing.

3.5 (or 7) - Finished it. It was good. I was slightly eager enough to click the next episode each and every episode. 

4 (or 8) - Above average. I don't care if it's cliche or original. The story is good, there is a visible progression, the anime fulfilled what it is supposed to be, pacing is appropriate to what the anime wants to convey, and it is entertaining. I loved clicking the next episode because I am indulged.

4.5 (or 9) - Great anime. Again, I don't care if it's cliche or original. The story is good, there is a visible progression, the anime fulfilled what it is supposed to be (true to it's genre), pacing is appropriate to what the anime wants to convey, characters are extremely loveable, execution is good, and it is entertaining. I loved clicking the next episode because I am indulged.

5 (or 10) - Amazing anime with it's own story. It fulfilled it's main genres, progression is amazing, pacing is also appropriate to what the anime wants to convey, plot twists are GOOD plot twists, mind-blogging, characters are so hard to not love, it ends perfectly but not everything is spoon-fed to the viewers, it leaves you a feeling you can't explain, least need of fanservice (or almost none), execution is almost perfect, and it is damnly entertaining. 

What makes a good anime (for me):

1. Visible progression

Character's progression came from somewhere. The progression of the story also came from somewhere. Therefore, show it to me, anime writers. Nothing is better than giving specifics (or even just something. Give me something.) than suddenly showing up the weak character to be insanely strong without any reason. It's not exciting. I am watching animes for the excitement and their journeys. Properly progressed love stories are welcome, too.

2. Characters have characters

I can't care less if their lovable or not. Or maybe I do. Making characters lovable are an A++, however, when animes try so hard, it becomes messy and cringy instead. I thought this is an obvious one until SAO was released and showed me that some characters DON'T have characters (therefore showing character fluctuations which I explained on the anime pet peeves portion), and I realized that I definitely don't want that. In fact, I hate it to the bone. 

It became important to me because -- this is a basic in writing. Writers should create a character outline (or whatever they call it). Because see, if they don't have exact characters (eg. this certain character is a closed-heart character...then we will progress her to blabla...then eventually, blabla...through these events...blabla), then you can't progress anything. Another thing is that, if they don't have a character, they are impossible to love (except if they were introduced as a multipersonalitied person, then I will allow it). 

3. Proper execution of story with proper pacing

Kinda self-explanatory. If the story is slow paced, be sure that it would not be boring. If it is fast-paced, make sure that the viewers still follows. 

4. Sticking with the main genre

 The less the story wanders off, the better. If it's supposed to be fantasy-adventure, PLEASE focus on fantasy-adventure. It does not look too good anymore if the ecchi or the fanservice part of the anime OVERPOWERS the anime. There is a limit to it. Romance should also be the right amount of romance you can put in there.

If it's supposed to be comedy, then a random comedy all throughout will be extremely fine. It's your freaking genre. (And yes, if you complain about a "no story anime" to an anime about random comedy/gag, let me ask you--what the fuck? Then don't watch the genre ??? It's not that hard?? ? But don't talk shit about what other people find funny ? ?? Again, what's so hard about that? ? 

5. Makes the viewers think

Make me use my head while watching anime. And honestly, these animes get the most hate just because people can't understand it. I'm not trying to be a "smart-head" here. I don't completely understand everything from those animes, either. (I have to read theories and explanations of other people lol). But I still appreciate it because for me, it's really unique when writers do symbolisms in animes. (eg. Joker game, Baccano!, 91 Days,Steins;gate --they are called 'below average' by some people. Wtf? really? Don't watch it if you don't have a brain or don't want to use your brain then, or if you want a light anime or no-brainers anime, but don't you dare call these gems 'below average'. Thanks. I would love to defend these animes) You will really find those animes 'boring' if you don't use your head OR you don't like those kind of life journeys. If ecchi & harem is what you want to see, go there. I love myself with spies and mafias and serious historical stories, even war stuff. Yes, we do exist.

6. Feels

Every anime leaves behind a sort of feeling. I would love it if they do, except when the feels are of feelings of disgust because the anime is so badly executed.

Anime Pet Peeves aka "What makes me drop an anime":

1. Character Fluctuations

Usually done by novice writers, but I just found an anime that had this. It surprised me. And I hated it because I was hyped to watch that anime after the first 2 episodes, and I was waiting for it to get better, only for it to become a whole load of fanservice anime. Damn. And yes, it's SAO. If you want to introduce a badass character, make sure you write it down on a piece of paper, writers. And you know how to progress that character? Make the situations more challenging--NOT make him weak in one episode, then badass the next with no context, then weak so you can show the female lead being badass as she saves the male main, and then turn that badass female to a weak ass so you can show the main male as a knight in shining armor. Instead of falling in love with Kirito, all I got was confusion. 

It’s like they’re only there to change their characters based on what people would love to see out of them. Which is not appealing to me.

These intense character fluctuations make it seem like characters don't have characters because they change their characters almost every episode and it leaves me confused about their character. That is my exact peeve when I am writing--ONE SHOULD KNOW WHAT CHARACTER YOU WANT YOUR CHARACTER TO BE. MAKE AN OUTLINE ANIME WRITERS!! I could not care less no matter how shitty and unlovable or demonic a character becomes, as long as she/ he HAS character, and it all came from their own reasons (or he/she is just a psycho), then all is good. Is that so hard? (I mean, Junko Enoshima is a psycho, but she is a great psycho villain. Muzan is the worst demon ever, but one of the best written villain that is rotten to the core. These are just some examples of the making intentional unlovable characters, BUT with character I was talking about. And some people still love them because of their character and broooo that's fine!)

I can't love a character when he does not have one. And if his character "is not meant to be loved" then what is it? Why are the writers doing that? For world peace?

2. Too much

When an anime tries so hard to be something that it's not, the anime gets...destroyed? It becomes extremely chaotic in an unexplainable way.

3. Overpowering Fanservice

It is at moments like “I was pretty sure I signed up for a deeply-plotted anime, but what the hell is this?” kind of phenomenon. It is fine if an anime was supposed to be completely harem, or ecchi, or something like that, but when it becomes a sub-genre of an anime with an expected more serious story AND IT OVERPOWERS THAT STORY I WILL THROW MY LAPTOP OUT OF MY WINDOW.

 There is a limit to how much some of us can stomach fanservices. And I have 0.0001 tolerance to it.

4. Sexualized Characters

This topic comes in so many forms, it’s almost disgusting. This is closely-linked to fanservice, but let me just talk about this one. You know those times in anime wherein there is either one, or a lot of girls, that have extremely big boobies, and you know, those cute moe faces, and they all get the amazing guys to like them? Yeah, I hate them. They are annoying and really painful to watch.

Stop making characters with big boobs and pretty faces but weak and unlikable characters THE MOST LOVED IN THE ANIME WORLD. Don't get me wrong, though. I don’t dislike a character just because of how they look. I should emphasize on WEAK characters--ones that ALWAYS NEEDS TO BE SAVED AND NEVER GROWS OUT OF IT. YOU, GIRLS, CAN DIE AND THIS ANIME WILL STILL DO JUST FINE (sry for that). And I know, a lot of people love those kinds of animes with those kinds of characters so much because somehow, people love girls that need to be protected  all the freaking time and I don’t know if it’s just me that gets annoyed shitless. Pfsh. Honestly, they are almost irrelevant to the plot and is just there for face-slash-boob value, as a love interest for the main guy and the other guys, and because of that, they are also there to be annoying. UPDATE: Apparently, this can be summarized with the problem called "DAMSEL IN DISTRESS SYNDROME". And idek why it's mostly portrayed by girls in animes. Girl, you gotta level up, at some point. Please. I beg you. 

Just so other people would know, I like some girls who were damsel in distresses, developing into decent characters who can hold up their own. (eg. Elizabeth from NNT developed to be a girl who can carry herself and has a contribution to the group even though she's not portrayed as a typical badass girl. Another, I don't even hate Aqua from Konosuba even though she's useless because we know it's for comedy!) 


I am already tired of watching anime romances wherein they are what, like strangers ever since their whole lives even though they attend the same school and then suddenly—episode 1—they are both in love with each other the first time they talk to each other. Suddenly, this ultimately hot guy have taken notice of an average girl, and decides to hang out with her for the rest of the school year and then ta-dah..they are dating. W-what is wrong with you? W-where is the good story? Where is the love adventure I am looking for? How did they fall in love with each other? Because, you know, that’s the most important part and I think I quite missed it somewhere. Is there an episode 3.5 where it all happened or something?

And then the episodes are just all about them flirting with each other. I’m pretty sure the creators have this goal of making people feel giddy and in love, but for me, ??? How can I feel that if I don’t know where it came from? ????

Most shoujo animes are like this. And maybe this is just my preference, but I would love to see how people who wasn’t all about love suddenly falls in love with each other. (I’ll give you some examples that I actually loved watching: Bokura ga Ita, Lovely Complex, Toradora, Golden Time are just some of them)

6. Female Characters who ALWAYS ALWAYS hits or in any way, abuses the main guy, IN THE NAME OF COMEDY

It’s not funny. Female characters who are always punching, torturing, abusing guys all the time is not funny. It is annoying as hell. I just found it out when I was watching Danshi Koukousei, and, that kind of comedy did not do it for me. I dropped the anime because it got extremely out of hand (for me only). I don’t know, it’s not funny + it’s annoying, that’s a deadly combo right there. But a lot of people liked it so I think it’s just me.

Another thing: Violence is not a form of love.

7. Tsunderes

 If it’s just your typical “I don’t like you” but she actually does, it’s completely fine. Nothing bad about that. It’s cool. It’s actually pretty good if properly executed.

BUT if it gets to the point that again, let’s go back to that hitting just because she is flustered or something like that, or the main guy found her naked for some reason unknown but unintentional THEN she hits the guy as if it was the guy's fault, that’s not funny or cute. It’s annoying.

8. Incest

I don’t care if it is canon or not, but if you show me a guy that has a little sister and they mention something about doing this and that LAST NIGHT!!! AND HOW THE LITTLE SISTER IS SO CLINGY TO HER ONII-CHAN AND THEY GET TOUCHY IN THAT WAY OR SOMEWHERE ALONG THOSE LINES OR EVEN JUST TOO CLINGY!!!! Nope. Bye.

 I have a brother and it does not go like that and I don’t want it to go like that, in any way.

9. When a show can't get through one fucking fight scene without at least three flashbacks, five monologues, and two characters expressing their views on the meaning of life or friendship or loyalty or some shit.

'Cause, you know. They gon' be dead. (...But I think I am actually okay with this???)

10. Characters with no character development

 If it is in their character that they actually don’t develop for some reason, it’s fine. But if the character is just like, weak from the start, and he mopes about it, and then fight again, only to find out that he’s weak again, and that cycle goes on and on, and the anime finishes and he is still weak as hell…we’ve got a problem—ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE THE MAIN CHARACTER!! OH MY GOD!! MAYBE (INSERT SPORT HERE) IS NOT FOR YOUUU!! MAYBE IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A SOCCER ANIME!! MAYBE YOU WERE MADE FOR A TRACK AND FIELD ANIME!! **I just made the sports up. Don't think too much about it.

11. Putting romance in an otherwise platonic relationship

An anime will survive better without those romantic stuff, but somehow, these creators NEED to put romance everywhere! Everyone needs to be paired! I mean, it’s not all bad, but if it’s a sudden romance, with no roots or any development, just you know, they fall in love suddenly, or they fell in love at first sight, OR IF IT OVERPOWERS AND DESTROYS THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THE ANIME, it becomes ugly—especially if it’s not shippable. These are the ones that looks extremely forced and it’s there to be there for people who love romance. This is bearable, BUT if that pairing becomes my NOTP, nah. Good bye. 

But here's the thing:

With all that being said, and even though I look picky, I still try NOT TO SHIT on the animes. I always always try to see the good in them (as I have mentioned earlier). IF an anime is not the type/genre that I want, I WON'T WATCH IT. THAT'S IT.

Base it from the 7-10 ratings I give most of the animes I have watched. I am actually pretty generous with ratings. I just try to enjoy anime as they come.

I will really only drop an anime IF the reason is humongous and can't be tolerated. Especially if the anime has plotholes that you can see without even thinking hard.

Therefore, Reviews that are done by self-righteous people don't appeal to me. If you are going to shit on animes, point out the PROPER points on why it is bad, NOT TEENAGE WHINING about not getting what YOU want. If the anime is not what you want, then don't watch it, but don't shit on it, because you're the one looking like shit covered in enormously heavy but unsubstantial words. Stop it. 

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VoidlessNight89 Dec 20, 2022

Honestly, if you can manage to push through the 1st and 2nd seasons (season 2 is worse than season 1 and a complete curveball) SAO: Alicization is actually pretty good in my opinion

AzureFraust43 Jul 13, 2022

You have great taste in anime my pal.The pints you made resonates with me especially the tsunderes who constantly beats the main character every 5-10 seconds but when it comes to fight scenes she needs saving and is practically useless.

I like flawed characters and characters who undergoes great character development.

Your views about Romance anime is something i experienced with most of the stories and the only romance animes i liked are romantic comedies or with a good writing and great side Characters. 

superzaiyan Aug 8, 2021

wOw okay Mr. elite-taste-in-animes, MG20010604. You have the bEsT anime taste in the whole world. Suuuuuure. Your profile says a lot of amazing stuff, too, like:

Here's my ANILIST Account - THANK YOU

*i cringed so hard omg*

Yeah sure. YOU are the ONE and THE ONLY basis for tAstE. Amazing. *clap clap clap* A 3.5 rating on the winner of the best story winner of its own time, 91 Days. Just say you did not understand it, rated it 3.5, and moved on. Because now, I went to your watched animes very quickly (because nobody's got the time for that, or to hate comment like you do), and now I also think your taste is ~gArbAge~ and your brain might not have any corrugations. (But I won't go to your profile and comment that stuff. I already wasted my time looking at the first anime in your watched list).

People still think that TASTE should be the same as theirs to actually respect our likes/dislikes. If I don't like your taste, I would just not comment yo. It's not hard. It's 2021. Also, you're freaking 20. You're way past that phase where you leave comments that a 10-year old would. Stop crying over our differences in taste boohoo, Mr. Elite-taste-in-animes.

I really don't have time to argue about this because 1. I am sooo busy with work during these hard Covid times (y did i become a health care professional this succs), 2. I don't watch that much animes anymore (heck I haven't watched one for the past six months), hence, the old biography I wrote when I was in high school is still up and unedited af, and 3. At this point, I just let people enjoy animes/books/hobbies/etc. that they enjoy, because we all are different and I learned to respect that. I mind my own business. 

I hope you guys do to. Have a great day. Watch and enjoy animes as they come, support the artists/mangakas, and enjoy your lives! 

KyokoKinnie Feb 21, 2021

I saw your comment under twelve from terror in resonance your comment was so true.

Glitterz Dec 21, 2020

Haha, WOW. For some reason I got here and you made me laugh so hard! That was defenitely an biography about you and anime ;) 

PS I love the fact u mentioned the thinking behind an anime for example by 91 Days, I really related to that!

Also: I haven't seen all the shows u mentioned, but if I don't like them, than don't mind me if I do fight you!

(Don't know when you read this, but rn merry x-mas and a happy new 2021!)