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Characters who deserve to die a horrible death.

Characters who deserve to die a horrible death.
1 Sangwoo OH

Sangwoo OH

Absolute garbage, hate him with every fiber of my being. If you ever thought that you've seen the worst piece of shit in all of fiction then I got new news for u cuz this one is it. He's so disgusting that he makes Shou Tucker (The most hated character here) look like a good person. Sangwoo was introduced as a cruel, selfish piece of shit and stayed a piece of shit until the very end. A abusive Serial Killer and Rapist. His fanbase is cancer and like 50% the reason why KS is seen as bad as it is (Other half are the Sangbum Shippers). He wouldn't be liked by anyone if Koogi drew him ugly since his personality is that of narcissistic, abusive, pure garbage. I can't even like him as a villain cuz he's just a cliché written, unlikeable fuckboy looking ass cunt who never got punched in the face enough lmao. He broke Bum's legs, abused him, manipulated him, forced him talk about his traumatic past with his uncle only to give Bum the fault and make him attempt suicide, he attempted to drown Bum like twice, he hung Bum, raped him, brought Bum's abusive uncle to Bum and made him beat up and almost rape Bum again, etc. Fuck, the highest point of him being selfish was probably him telling Bum in S3 how he should've killed Bum a long time ago so that he himself is better off, dude was not only not giving a shit about Bum's feelings when Bum cried after that nor does Sangwoo not realize that it's his own goddamn fault for forcing Bum to stay with him and abuse Bum. Sangwoo only cared about himself and was a cruel piece of trash🙃. And idk why, but recently, a lot of 'Yaoi' glorify abuse and rape which is just fucking disgusting and disrespectful towards gay people. Hell, even outside Sangwoo being a abusive Serial Killer and Rapist piece of shit, he's NOT EVEN GAY NOR BI, HE'S CONFIRMED TO BE STRAIGHT AND IS ALSO A HOMOPHOBIC ASSHOLE. Like seriously, NOTHING stops fujoshis from shipping males, regardless if it's toxic or not. If the abused one in the abusive relationship was female, then NOBODY would ship it and see it as what it is, a abusive relationship. He was also poorly written. Serial Killer with Mother Issues? Generic asf. Koogi didn't even give us a reason why he began kidnapping, abusing, torturing, raping and killing people, he just did so to take his anger out on innocent people and that's poor writing.

Either way, I'll riot if this abusive asshole doesn't die. He's garbage.

Edit: And he finally died, good riddance :).

2 Bum's Uncle

Bum's Uncle

A beyond disgusting human being, he's literally the definition of human garbage. Beat, Starved and Raped his nephew for years just because he (Bum) looks similiar to his Ex (Bum's mom) who left him. Bum lost his parents when he was very young and instead of educating Bum who was lost and traumatized due to losing his parents, this sick fuck verbally abused Bum and made his life into literal hell. I was glad when he died although I feel like it was too quick.

3 Shira


Disgusting piece of trash.

4 Cioccolata


Mofo was born pure evil, he deserved was more than the Beatdown Giorno gave him.



Serial Killer and Child Rapist. He and Cioccolata are the most evil trash outta JoJo.

6 Seungho YOON

Seungho YOON

Another disgusting Abuser and Rapist because Fujoshis just can't get enough of their Abusers and Rapists😳. There is literally no depth behind him so far, he's so goddamn one dimensional and the 1st season is already over. Just a arrogant, sex obsessed, abusive cunt and ppl once again, only like him for his looks since his personality is absolute garbage🤷‍♂️.

7 Griffith


He's a interesting, well-written Villain, but it doesn't change the fact that he's a delusional, selfish asshole who sacrificed all of his buddies to literal Demons and raped Caska in front of Guts. None of that shit would've happend if he wasn't a horny bitch after Guts left.

8 Yamori


9 Donovan


Child Rapist. 

10 Gisuke SASAKI


11 Shou TUCKER


12 Gambino


Sold his "son" to a fuckin Child Rapist and then attempted to kill his "son" later on. The dude deserves a medal for worst father of all time without him even being Guts' biological dad.

13 Dong-Soo SEON

Dong-Soo SEON

Honestly I forgot like half of the 'Bastard' Manhwa, but he's a liTerAl Demon who was always able to teleport himself everywhere for no goddamn reason, only to be revealed to actually never wanting to kill his son. Still a asshole for murdering all these women and forcing his son to be his accomplice.

14 Ishihara


15 King of Midland

King of Midland

Disgusting mofo who sexually assaulted his daughter. Big yikes.

16 Orochi KUROZUMI


17 Kayo's Mother

Kayo's Mother

Abusive mom.

18 Bum's Grandmother

Bum's Grandmother

She barely helped Bum and kept telling him to try to understand his Uncle because he went through shit and can't help hurting Bum (Sounds familiar, huh, Sangwoo Apologists lmaoo). She also told Bum to go die like a dog and guilt tripped him. It got worse when the Rape began and she lied to Bum that his Uncle wouldn't come home one night and then sent Bum in the Uncle's room to sleep, only to be revealed that the Uncle came home and ended up beating Bum with a belt and then raped him.


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isidoragames25 Nov 29, 2020

i dont hate sangwoo from killing stalking  and seunghoo yo ( i still like them ) if you hate sangwoo and seunghoo  i respect your opinion  :)