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Characters who deserve the world.

Characters who deserve better.
1 Bum YOON


Yoon Bum is the Protagonist of Killing Stalking, a pitiful loner type guy who is a victim of severe abuse throughout his whole life. I liked the way the Author showed how his Obsession slowly turned into Stockholm Syndrome due to Sangwoo abusing him. Besides his PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome, Bum suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder and as someone who suffers from BPD myself, the way Bum acted-or-reacted during the story hit me hard. The Author did a good job at showcasing Bum's BPD. People who suffer from BPD are hyper-empathic, extremely sensitive to the emotions and energy of people, animals, and to the elements in the environment. They experience emotions intensely which can lead to them obsessing over things, may it be over how they look, what they eat or over a person they love. It's different for everyone, but most of the people who suffer from BPD experience it unintentionally often. Bum, who lost his parents and got verbally abused by his uncle, bullied school and sexually abused in military, gets easily attached when shown affection for once.

Bum honestly had the most traumatic life I've seen in fiction. The flashback about young Bum with his shitty uncle in Chapter 25 and 26 were literal hell. I did NOT need to see what I saw there. I don't usually get so emotionally attached to a character, but Bum's whole life is full of trauma and he never had anybody, never gotten affection from anyone, all he knew was getting beaten, starved and sexually abused. He didn't even know how to hold a goddamn spoon in the right way, ofc, why would he know? He had no parents and was keep getting abused after all.

While Guts and Kaneki get and got to rest, Bum has a life full of abuse and never gets a break. Lost his parents, abused, starved and raped by his uncle for years, bullied in school, sexually abused in military, verbally abused by Sangwoo. This boi went through and is still going through so much. He's selfless and while not 100% innocent, good at heart (It broke my heart when he said that the frog keychain was his first present he ever got and he's like what, TWENTY EIGHT. I mean, he legitimately looked like a baby when seeing the amusement park lmao).

And him being happy for the first time? D'aww🥺.

He keeps trying to see the good in people including his Abusers and tries to understand them. The fact that he doesn't hate Sangwoo or didn't want his Uncle to die after everything they did to him, shows just how selfless Bum is. He deserves the world. People who hate him, but sympathize w/ Sangwoo scare tf outta me. Fuck off with that Victimblaming, it's fucking disgusting. The amount of sexual abuse Bum went through is beyond sad

I myself suffer from BPD, so Bum's thoughts patterns always made sense to me. Dude is lonely, hurt, traumatized and seeks affection, but gets too easily attached once shown affection (Which only happend twice). Ppl with BPD generally unintentionally obsess easily over things. Bum has otherwise the naivety of a child, he's ridiculously honest and selfless, he cared more about his Abusers than himself, hating himself, which always breaks my heart thinking about it. All he ever wanted was for someone to love him, but he was instead abused by everyone

He's overall a well written character and a good example of how abuse can affect ppl without making him into a bitchass Serial Killer/Rapist like Sangwoo.

As for the ending, just the fact that it ended with such a bad ending makes me feel bitter. I kept following the series since the beginning of 2017 hoping that Bum survives after all that hell he went through, but he seemingly died as well. The last 2 Chapters specifically showed how immense Bum's Stockholm Syndrome is and Koogi wrote his character very realistically throughout the series. And I'm not hating on Koogi or her way of writing, but the ending makes me feel like shit and scammed. It's obvious that this wasn't planned out, S3 felt generally weird. So much chapters were wasted while so many things are still left open. So Sangwoo gets like 6 full Chapters about his past while still leaving questions from it (First Murder, What was wrong with his Mom) while also not showing us more about Seungbae or Bum's past? We barely know anything about Seungbae. And Bum, the MC, didn't get any chapter where it was explained how his parents died, how he escaped his abusive Uncle or about his BPD. I feel like Koogi just made this ending to not anger the sick Sangwoo stans. Which is weird because she drew him as THE Villain for like 2 ½ Seasons who severely abuses Bum and kills ppl. And again, she pointed Bum's Stockholm Syndrome several times out and still seemingly just killed him off in the end, which made this Manhwa as a whole just senseless and forcingly tragic in the end. He didn't even get time to heal, his whole life was just pure Suffering and when he finally got out of the abusive Relationship he had w/ Sangwoo, Koogi kills him off.

TL;DR: Bum's Uncle and Sangwoo are pieces of shits and Bum deserves the world👏.

2 Subaru NATSUKI


He ain't perfect, but didn't deserve any of the shit that happend to him, he's going beyond hell and back.

I adore him and it's genuinely a shame that he has so many haters cuz he's one of the best MCs ever. Ironically, the biggest trait that makes him one of best MCs ever also causes him to be so hated on. The trait is him being a realistic character. People hate him and think that he's overreacting since he always comes back to life, but he still has to experience each and every death, he feels the pain, he becomes more and more traumatized. And yet, he only wants the best for the people he loves. He forgave Rem who brutally tortured and killed him twice. He's always concerned for other's well beings. His dorkiness still ain't gone after so many traumatizing deaths cuz he keeps trying to cheer others up. He's flawed and realistic, but a good hearted human being who slowly develops into a stronger person over the course of the series.

3 Guts


Guts is an amazingly written and tragic Anti Hero.

4 Na-Kyum BAEK

Na-Kyum BAEK

Another victim of abuse, still gets shipped with his Abuser and Rapist. Some Fujoshis are just absolutely disgusting and so is the Author since they romanticize it without feeling any shame🤷‍♂️.

5 Vinegar DOPPIO

Vinegar DOPPIO

Doppio was my fave boi from Part 5~. He was more interesting than Diavolo and the most entertaining character in the part too. Even though he was a Antagonist, he was more of a Anti Villain, as he was a kind dude to strangers (Unless his DID and Schizophrenia kicks in) and cared about even bugs, not to mention that wouldn't it have been for Diavolo, then Doppio wouldn't even have been a Antagonist in the first place. I wish he never died tbh, he deserved better than dying lonely.



Actually had it worse than Kaneki, but then became a wasted character at the end of the series.ย 



Oden was the ultimate Chad and instantly became my fave OP character. His fate was also legendary, but he didn't deserve to go out in such a painful way๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ™.

8 Kyoujurou RENGOKU

Kyoujurou RENGOKU

Loveable character who died too soon, like?? I hope the movie gives his character justice.

9 Narancia GHIRGA

Narancia GHIRGA

His death is another reason why Diavolo deserved his fate smh.

10 Raichi TODOROKI


I love Sawamura but Raichi's been my fave since he appeared. Absolute badass at baseball yet a pure dork. I stan๐Ÿ‘. Raichi's backstory is also sad as fuck ngl. Mother abandoned him, poor, worked even harder than Sawamura, etc.



Fave Sport Anime MC, he actually had to work his way up to become the Ace๐Ÿ‘ Him being previously in Furuya's shadow for so long really did hurt, dude deserved better.


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