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yoon bum bby🥺💔.

honestly i only live for this boi. i luv him as much as he loves frogs. he deserves the world. koogi, get him some therapy&love and im good. sangwoo is fuckin trash ;). if u victimblame bum on my yard then imma🔫😩

I love Underground Music. $uicideboy$, Ramirez, Ghostemane, Bones, Freddie Dredd and so on. I also love Lofi and Vaporwave Music. I otherwise love to read and Volleyball. I'm bi and suffer from severe Depression and BPD since years.


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Bunille Mar 19, 2021

B r u h I relate to your review of Bum soo hard. You did a really great job writing about it. 🥰

Mentallysighing Jul 30, 2020

That’s good to hear, it would be quite annoying if it was 24/7 

Mentallysighing Jul 30, 2020

Ah well it sounds like it’s a bit of a pain to have 

Mentallysighing Jul 30, 2020

Really? I didn't know bpd could affect you that way but I don't know much since I am very uneducated person. Do you also do it to things besides shows?

Mentallysighing Jul 29, 2020

Hopefully you’ll like it! Those poor shows that won’t be ever finished gotta shred some tears for them 😢 aha but no I get it I’m the same way even if I find it good and enjoying it I always have trouble with actually finishing it