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JadedDragos Jan 31, 2018

Well making it a better year is clearly up to you, but I hope I can help in some way. =-D

Alebord Jan 30, 2018

Hey, thanks for the follow ^^

Love your profile btw :3


ZeroGreninja Jan 29, 2018

I have fallen in love with Nier Automata and Persona 5!! I've played these games for the past few weeks and they both continue to intrigue me whether it'd be game mechanics, characters,etc. How far did you get into Nier Automata? I want to talk about it assuming you got far into it.

Sounds good! And no I don't have a specific taste in aniem girl characters, it just really depends. Like it could be their personality, motivations, morals, design, etc. For Sailor Jupiter's case, it's her personality in the anime.

I honestly wasn't into digimon compared to Pokemon. I've been a huge fan of Pokemon even to this day. I'm even playing it as I wrote this comment haha! It was a good show, whenever I watched it, but I do plan to watch the Digimon series at some point.

Right!? Ugh! It is such garbage! I saw the powerpuff girls twerking! I thought "OH GOD MY EYES! I did not need to see that!" That was a huge enough reason for me to avoid it at all costs!


Ah nice!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!! The next arc is kind of meh in my opinion. It's pretty much when Sasuke goes full insane. I like Sasuke alot due to his personal story and was wondering what would he do next after learning about Itachi. There were a lot of things I questioned towards Sasuke's actions.


Do you want me to talk about One Piece? I'll do my best to talk about it without spoiling it, unless you're okay with me spoiling it for you. Feel free to read the next few sentences which might contain spoilers so read with caution. Just avoid the One Piece spoilers if you don't want to be spoiled.


This new main villain is such a monster! He's got insane Observation Haki! If you don't know what Haki is, Haki is essentially the "chakra" in One Piece. Kind of like how Chakra is applied in Naruto, Spiritual Pressure in Bleach, Khi in Dragonball and Nen in HunterXHunter. One of the variations is observation haki which allows the user to feel the presence of unseen enemies in his surroundings and predict enemy attacks.

However, this new main villain, Katakuri, since he trained with his observation haki so well he can see a vision of the future by a few seconds. At one point in the manga when he was first introduced he killed a man who was planning an assassination attempt and he knew word for word of how the conversation would turn out!!!

It's been a while since I've continued the manga, but I've heard he's kicked Luffy's ass a couple of times already and I can't wait to get to that point!


Oh nice! Lemme know what you think of the arc when you get around to watching it!

Yea it's pretty ridiculous! I haven't watched Naruto in a while, but I do remember some battles had a good amount of talking, but they were short conversations. One Piece has some talk as well, it has more fighting then Naruto for that matter. Yea it's best just to skip the fillers unless you are really dedicated.

Rukia is awesome! And I like how she's a main female lead that doesn't have any form of fanservice. Fanservice is something I can by with since it's such a trope in anime as a whole, but if it's in my face constantly, when the anime is not mainly a comedy, then it gets really distracting. That's why I'm someone who can't watch Fairy Tail on a daily basis let alone have the motivation to keep watching. My feelings for Orihime is the same exact feelings for Sakura Haruno in Naruto, indifferent and disappointed. They had the potential to be at the very least, likeable characters, but they just seem so worthless and that's a word I don't like using a lot.

Yoruichi is just badass! I love her flirty side as well. When she was reveal to be a chick, I was shook! Hahaha! Yea you'll be introduced to Harribel much later on, but just enjoy the Soul Society arc for now.

Well yea! I have to prove they're badass haha and not just fanservice for me especially for Harribel's case since she does have a pretty revealing outfit. Though it's not as bad compared to her manga design. I'm kind of glad they changed up her design a little in the anime.

Villaj09 Jan 29, 2018

It was good! Lol did you watch any new anime during Christmas

Akkun Jan 29, 2018

Why not? Talking to a ghost would be more interesting xD Well, I was sick for 2 weeks this month, high fever kept me in bed for most of the time... so I'll say 2018 wanted to kill me... there's still plenty of time to do that xD