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xoxogd Feb 20, 2018

i'm nervous and nauseos actually ( ˃̶͈ ̯ ̜ ˂̶͈ˊ ) ︠³ had to wake up way sooner than usual since I will write my first exam on university today... and I don't feel too confident.. but i'm okay I think! how are you today? 

xoxogd Feb 16, 2018

aw thank you!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Yakhio Feb 15, 2018

Heyaaa~ >w< 

Reply is little late, once again, but I think we can live with it. :w: 

But how are you? >w< 


Just before my internship ended, they asked me if I wanted to continue as a part-timer there! \o/ I don't have work everyday nor week, like last week I was there three days, this week just on Friday but whole next week, since somebody is having their holiday and I'm going to cover them. >w< It's waay better than nothing, since I haven't figured out what would interest me. :u: 

Ultimate storm was just... Nah, not storm at all. :D 

xoxogd Feb 15, 2018

Your page is so cute. Much appreciated, hehe. I hope you have a wonderful day too! (=♡ ᆺ ♡=)

Alebord Feb 2, 2018

hi hi

Thanks :3

Cats are the best! ^^

Yeah IA is one amazing vocaloid! I'm a big fan especially because i saw a ia concert~

It was crazy!