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spapag2 Apr 4, 2018

No problem, thank you!! And yay^^ 

I have a question, idk if it’s dumb or not: who is the girl in the very first picture on your profile? The one with pink hair and heart-shaped hair ties? She looks similar to a character in one of my favorite anime but I know I haven’t seen her..

spapag2 Apr 4, 2018

Hi! Just came across your profile and wanted to say hi ^^

Hope we can be friends!

Crizy Apr 2, 2018

Thanks for following back ;)

Ähnliches Foto

kittua Feb 27, 2018

God, you probably don't ever remember me because I'm late, again (-_-;)

I'm good btw, got the results of a really important test and got 500 of 500 and I honestly couldn't be happier :') How are you doing?

I don't watch much TV either, not really interestedin real life people lol. I haven't watched PLL nor Vampire Diaries, not really my type of show. I'm obsessed with The Walking Dead, It's my favorite show ever (kinda upset about the recent seasons...), I also like Skam, It's like Skins, but It's Norwegian lol, I really recommend it. I also like How to Get Away with Murder and Breaking Bad.

I'm glad it helped you ^^ It's been a while. Have you continued watching it? How are you liking it so far? 

And yes, I'm really looking forward for the movies, they look beautiful.

Sorry again for being late (。>﹏<。)

TheGazetto Feb 20, 2018

No its completely fine! i don’t think you intentionally ignore me whenever you don’t reply right away. I understand that it can get a bit overwhelming socializing sometimes. I get that way all the time lol i’m even bad at responding to pm’s on tumblr rip 

Sorry to hear that, i hope its getting better for you. Try not to feel too bad about it as i also had an outburst that was directed at my ex girlfriend, she kinda had an attitude so we tried to talk it out but i got really frustrated and just snapped. So now we’re not a thing anymore lol we dated for about a week or so anyway. No one can put up with my and my awful mental health. Also still no appointment -____- don’t know what’s going on with that anymore. Haven’t even bothered to ask but since my parents are neglecting it then so will i lol 

I’m glad you had a good christmas and hope you have an even better year than last year as well. LOL it’s been like 2/3 months and we’re still on christmas. rest in peace.