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Villaj09 Apr 6, 2018

I don't remember what i watched lol I watched sword art online ordinal scale last night

Akkun Apr 6, 2018

You reply so fast, that I can't keep up (sarcasm XD) Yep, I'm doing fine, not sick anymore, checking out some new anime stuff :D
I had to remove my wisdom tooth and the surgeon didn't give me anesthesia properly, so it hurt like hell :<
2018 is interesting so far... weird surgeons trying to kill me... I love it xD
What about you? Did you have some adventures for the past three months that didn't involve sadistic surgeons? I hope so :3

sushisushisushi Apr 6, 2018

thanks for the follow


Image result for anime gif happy

Lizardbitch Apr 5, 2018

Thanks for the follow! :)

spapag2 Apr 5, 2018

Haha alright thanks, same goes for you!!

Hold on, are we talking about the same thing?? I was talking about the girl in the gif that winks and a heart appears next to her. This one:

Or are they the same character?? Either way, she looks similar to Chinatsu from Yuru Yuri, which is one of my favorite anime so that's why it caught my attention xD This is Chinatsu:

I do love the girl in your icon (even if she's the same as the gif I was talking about) and I can see how much you like her too! I really like the pink theme, everything blends together well^^ Now that I see the full picture she looks just like Faris from Steins;Gate if you've watched it..this is her below:

So many pictures..I think this is the most pictures I've put in a comment xD