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JadedDragos Apr 9, 2018

YaY!! for a better year. It's progress. hehe

Lizardbitch Apr 9, 2018

I'm doing pretty well. Bout to move into my first house and making my own game. How have you been? 

xoxogd Apr 8, 2018

it didn't go too well actually, but I will redo it in a couple of weeks and i'm studying for it (✿ヘᴥヘ) it should go alright this time (´∀`)

thank youuu! ~♡ 

it's good that you're feeling fine! but I can understand what you're feeling. I had a really stressful job last summer and all I did was work, shower(since the job made you smell by the cooking fumes) and hang out w/ my boyfriend. that's something I felt was nice, that when I didn't have the energy to do anything I could do nothing with someone and have a decent time then, but I guess I can't really "suggest" that as a solution haha( ・`ー・´) + I hope you can kind of adapt to the job and somehow get more energy in the spare time you have!

spapag2 Apr 7, 2018

Sweetie haha I like it xD

That's what I thought! There's no way we were talking about the same girl haha^^ Now that I see that gif I'm seeing more ways she's different from Chinatsu! Haven't seen Show by Rock but I know I've seen it around so it looked familiar, I'll have to watch it sometime too!

I didn't know you watched it, even if it's been a while! that's awesome!! How did you like it? That's ok, it's hard to pick a favorite in that show anyway xD

Dear, I'm not used to these nicknames hahaha XD Based on your profile I can definitely see you have something for pink haired/paste characters. That's good though, it makes your profile pleasing to look at! You should totally watch it when you get the chance, it's AMAZING!! And with Steins;Gate 0 coming this year, you should do it soon xD You get to see Faris and why everyone loves her^^

Have you watched Kiss Him Not Me?? How did you like it??

Haha I can tell, I don't mind so I'm ready! xD

Crizy Apr 6, 2018

Pretty good, just started watching Darling in the FRANXX. Thought Zero Two was a bit overrated but after watching it I agree she's really really good <3