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sushisushisushi Jul 9, 2018

:D well... i honestly am very bored at the moment xD and hungry. its the holidays and i havent really done anything yet xD but yeah i soooo feel like a burger right now Dx so hungry!!! its my fault tho since i ate everything already but ahhhh!! i hope my parents feed me soon xD 

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JadedDragos Jun 30, 2018

....poke poke.... Hiyas! How ya been? What ya been up to?

Alebord May 3, 2018


It took me so much time to reply, tons of stuff happened lately and i barely replied to anyone ^^

(I only replied to interregnum actually x)

''mfw i see cute anime girls''

''I agree with you!! cats are purely amazing! * ^ *

I agree!! I've only listened to a few of her songs and I like her!! you did?? what was her concert like??

Ahhhhh I never been to any sort of concert but a vocaloid one sounds like something out of this world!!''

Cats' are indeed 'purely amazing' !^-^

The concert was amazing! It's almost been a year already damn, going back to that convention in a few months, but there won't be a vicaloid concert this time *sad face* at least not that i know.

But yeah seeing the vocaloid concert is quite an amazing experience, i hope you get to see one too ^.^

There's a youtube video about elders react to vocaloid which was pretty funny ^^

time for me to go back to fluff! 


Yakhio Apr 26, 2018

'Allooooo~ ヾ(●ω●)ノ 

It's okaaaay~ Imma late too with this, mostly because.. Well, I haven't been much here lately. Been so tired too. Like always. 

But heyhey, good think that ya are doing okay! Aren't we all kinda tired always? At least I am. XD 

Ah, I've been quite busy! Working pretty much every working day. =w= At least I have something to do during my days, I had couple of free days and I was "What the hell I'm going to do >:   l " 

Haha about the storm.... ... Can't remember anymore. XDDD Too long ago. 

kittua Apr 25, 2018

Oh no, I do remember you lol How could I forget you ;-;

Oww, thanks so much, let's just hope I do well in the rest of my year ugh... I'm so tired too, I actually skipped school today lol I was so done, we just finished finals so I was like fuck it I'm taking a break today. I hope you're okay tho, don't stress yourself !!

I have to be the only who isn't into k-pop (yet?), but I'm so into their choreographies. For some reason I forgot to mention how fucking much I love the Shadowhunters series  and I hate myself for that, I think is mh favorite show rn (the season eight finale of TWD got me so damn upset, I have mixed feelings about it now). Going back to Shadowhunters, I really recommend it, the visuals and the fight move can be sillly sometimes but there are so many good characters and M A L E C, god, they're the best thing I've seen <2+1

Riverdale? I was interested at first but then I watched some scenes and I guess I didn't like it, I thought It was too much of a "cheesy teen drama". I watched Skam on dailymotion (, the ads are annoying but the show is worth it. 

AAA I'm so happy that you watched it! The first episodes can be tiring and I didn't undestand shit either, I was so close of dropping it but then It got really good, I'm glad I didin't.

This smol monkey is my favorite!

But Tsukihi is in a very close second. I also like Shinobu and the Arararararararagi himself. How about you? Who are your favorites?

I haven't continued it either bc I've been busy crying over Violet Evergarden but I'l let you know!