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Graduated from University but I still find time to watch my favorite anime on the weekends sometimes. I also now work full time so I am not as much of an otaku as I used to be.

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sothis May 30, 2009

happy bday :D

al2551 Jun 18, 2008

Whoa! Very impressive Watched list. How do you find the time to watch all of this and do your studies?

amaiyume Jun 11, 2008

Here are some thats not on your list that i seen and its the romance type

ef-remember watching it
final apporach-more funny,not the angst story line i like but funny
futakoi-remeber it but not sure good or bad
enternal rainbow-watched chinese sub, it was cute
Gokinjo monogatari-one of my fave. cant belive you never watch it, its by the same person that did nana so its good.
Hitsuji no uta-enough angst to make you Crazy in 4 eps
Honey and clover- was force to watch but then starts to like it
koi koi seven-funny, perverted
Marmalade boy-its good, there is a live chinese version of it that was really good.
Ocean wave-remember seeing it in china. high school love story.
Whisper of the heart- like ocean wave, good story old art
i think thats all.
wow i am watching 32 animes.........oh the waiting for
sothis Oct 10, 2007

So hey, any way I can convince you to make recs? As someone who has seen so much, it would be a biiiiiiiig help to all of the users on here. ^_^ I just updated the sign up FAQ to be way easier to understand (or here, in case you have already activated), so it should be a fairly painless process.

Please consider it! I'd be happy forever :D

PS: you need a profile!! @[email protected] hehe