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Well then, let’s see,

I am a Russian immigrant who came to America at the age of four. I have a very profound passion for stories. I prefer an anime (or anything I watch) with an excellent story line above something with excellent effects and CG - i.e. Gundam 00 artwork great, storyline was lacking in so many aspects!!!

There are very few anime that I refuse to finish; so if you see that I didn't finish an anime, it probably really, really sucks. To date, I think there have been over 200 anime that I have watched. Probably more, but after many years of anime obsession it gets hard to keep track. J

I don't really know what else to say, so if you have any questions, or want to watch anime together and discuss, or even just talk to someone new, just send me a shout!

I don’t really have a favorite anime, but if I had to choose I would have to say it is a tossup between Cowboy Bebop for its incredible story, EF- A Tale of Memories because it’s artwork was magnificent and the story was thoroughly thought provoking, and finally Gundam Wing because of its political connotation, interesting choice of allegory, as well as the random ambiguity and allusions!

Finally, I would like to briefly describe how I choose to rate the anime that I have watched and why certain anime is not rated by me.

Firstly, the anime I choose to rate within my watched anime list, I rate based on the following criteria: Artwork, Storyline, Soundtrack / Sound Effects, Quality (based on release date, and overall rating.

The overall rating is a combination of the first 4 criterions above and is described below!

This rating expresses a severe dislike and warns those people that have the same taste in anime as me, that this anime may be a waste of time (Please note that everyone has different tastes, so my 1 star anime, may be a 5 star anime for you)

This rating denotes a sense of distaste towards an anime. The anime may not be a type of anime that interests me in the first place, or may have interested me and disappointed me due to over-exaggerated marketing. Most of the time it will be an anime that had neither a captivating story line nor impressive artwork.

Three stars represent an anime that was not necessarily commendable, and yet there was something to either the story line or the artistic nature of it that was somewhat praiseworthy. The extra half a star would indicate that there was a combination of enjoyable sound, artwork, and quality with a lacking story line.

At this level of rating, there is something undoubtedly beautiful or awesome about the anime. The 4 star rating indicates an impressive story, with an exemplary combination of 2 out of 3 of the other criterion or an exquisite combination of everything with a somewhat lacking story (perhaps an inadequate ending). 4 ½ stars would be similar to 4 stars, except that in this case all four criteria are exceptional with a keen story line. Usually lacking the extra half point due to either predictability, inferior dubbing/subbing, slight imperfections in quality or sound, or overall just not worthy of being considered supreme and immaculate.

This rating is highly controversial in my opinion. All of the previous ratings are subjective (of course), but use a definite scale to determine standing. An anime that I deem to be 5 stars is highly biased (more than that of the other ratings) because at this rating the anime may have 1 particular thing that is completely unprecedented and perfect to me. It may have an incredible story line and flawless artwork, but the sound may be inferior to a 5 star rating, yet the story line and artwork may just blow everything else out of the water.

 The anime I choose not to rate, is because either I haven't watched it in some time, and cannot give an honest opinion or because there were some factors that I could not determine within my scope due to lack of understanding or some other reason. Mainly I only choose to rate an anime that I believe I can rate with complete honesty to my opinion, so if I do not have a true opinion of the anime, I will not rate it!

There you go, this is my honest bio and rating scheme, hopefully you can understand what I mean when describing my 5 star ratings, and hopefully I can hear some honest criticisms on my future reviews and ratings. I look forward to talking with anyone and everyone I can and maybe watching some anime together with some… Oyasumi Nasai

^_^ Thx,


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AirCommodore Jan 3, 2011

Hey, I know we'd planned to buddy group the second season of Natsume Yuujinchou later this month, but I was wondering if we could disband that (I know, you're sooooo disappointed :P)? I got oodles and oodles of new video games, so I'm reducing my anime watching for the next couple of months to account for that. Yes? Yes.

If you want, I can let you know when I eventually get around to it, but I doubt it'll be anytime soon.

Menchi Dec 19, 2010

Hi! I just noticed your comment, I'm afraid I'm too busy to start today, got some cleaning to do and such, but let's start on Monday, yes? I think it'll be interesting ^^

I'll notify vivi in the buddy group page as well in a minute :3

Menchi Dec 18, 2010

Hello! Yeah it'd be great to watch Hakuouki with a buddy, no one has wanted to join the group and it's been there for a while so I'm ready to start watching ^^

Monday is good, how much free time do you have next week? Anime-Planet is hosting a marathon event starting Friday, that is Christmas Eve (if you're interested, check out the forum page here, so I was thinking that if we could finish the series before the event it would be nice. But that would mean watching 3 eps a day from Monday to Thursday, could you do that? :D

If you're busy, it's okay too, we can work up a different schedule. Just drop a comment :3

AirCommodore Dec 13, 2010

Our Natsume Yuujinchou buddy group starts today, so don't forget or I might scowl a bit or something.

I bumped the thread in specific anime discussion, so we can discuss there if you'd like. ^_^

KiraRin Jul 15, 2010

Hey Stingy, and welcome back!

I'm not really up to date with anime, I just watch whatever I have downloaded at the time. I will recommend Maria Holic though if you enjoyed Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei..?

Also, as an older series, Peace Maker Kurogane is a surprisingly dark tale of samurai and is rather a good watch :)