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I was very interested in the premise, but ultimately ended up dropping it. 

The FL's been unemployed for three years and has been leeching off her parents. She has this very special talent of childcare. Instead of putting her skills to use by working at a daycare or studying to get a certification, she instead, as she puts it, spends her three years "eating and playing." She attempts to apply to numerous competitive jobs with her low qualifications, and when she does get an interview at a reputable one, they chastize her for not preparing at all.

You would think after finally getting an opportunity after three years, you'd have the desperation/common sense to research and prepare for the interview.

The ML, too, has to raise the demon's baby to fulfill the demon's request. He's insanely rich and could pay a bunch of nannies and caretakers to raise the child. Instead, he goes through hoops and hires the incompetent FL to be his secretary so that she could take care of the child.

These are some of my nitpickings. The characters overall are just hard to like. The story and pacing is all over the place.

4/10 story
6/10 art
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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