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im from california, best state ive lived in or visited (kinda bias)

im into anime of all kinds, mainly supernatural,romances, comedy action and adventure

will add my favorite characters at a later time, need to go through them all along with my favorite anime.

if have any suggestions/recommendations please tell me im open to anything and everything.

also a pretty cool guy whos pretty much easy to get along with

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VlN Dec 11, 2016

it probably wont its the holiday season and people love to shop and when they shop they come in to eat, or they just come in to eat with the family. its a nice restaurant.

yeah i mean while its ending its telling that we (we being the team) are going to climb back and try to get into nationals. Sets up the second season with it being a new start since we are starting from zero again. 

I mean hinata and kageyama would be the obvious choice right. i guess i could see nishinoya being shipped with hinata that could be funny since they are both a bit over the top. my first thought with nishinoya would be him and ryunosuke that would be interesting but idk i dont really ship people unless its a romance then im pretty set locked with the main romance lol.

Oh man yeah its finals here as well. 3 exams that sucks but at least its over the week and not in like the span of 2 days. Me im going to be busy working since its the holiday season people like to go out and eat with the family.


That's true. Let's hope for the best then. x)

Yes I realized that after I finished it. At first I wished they had won but then I remembered that there was a 2nd season, and that if they had won the 2nd season probably wouldn't have been as interesting. Plus, there's an ongoing 3rd too. 

I just think their personalities are so alike. They always make me laugh. :p

Sometimes I ship people as a romance, but sometimes I just do it kind of as really close friendship. Idk, ig you wouldn't call that a ship but I do haha.

Well they are pretty much over the span of 2 days. One on Thursday & 2 on Friday. But I do get a break before my last one which is on the Monday after tmrw.

VlN Dec 10, 2016

my weekend was pretty busy im a server so i pretty much work like 20 hours over the weekend. Sorry i havent been able to respond been so busy recently and tired.

Yeah all out is pretty good and i have hopes for it, although i want haiykuu to get a 4th season there is a match that i want to see so i have to hope that it gets another season. worst case i can always just read the manga.

hbu hows been your last couple of weekends (since ive missed a few since the last message). :)


Sorry for the late replies - stupid exams

20 hours!? That's craazy. Hope your load dies down at least a little.

I actually finished Haikyuu!! season 1 this morning. It's so good! I can't wait to start the second season. What did you think of the ending of the first season? It really threw me for a loop tbh. x) 

I have a habit of shipping characters in pretty much every anime I watch (even if its a weird ship) so currently I can't decide which is better: Hinata x Kageyama (the main one :p) or Hinata x Nishinoya. I really like those two together too!

Pretty good. This weekend im just trying to relax a little. I should be studying because I have 3 exams this week, but if I push myself too much I get frustrated and then I don't end up studying at all! How about you?

VlN Nov 20, 2016

probably right now All Out!! its just tough for me this season a lot of good shows are airing.

yeah (i like kirito a lot and the fights that hes in) its just they really had nothing to continue with kirito he only really did everything for asuna, and when she was rescued he pretty much stopped playing in a hardcore way like he was in aincrad. So after the gun gale arc there was really no point in following kirito, since they were waiting until the movie to continue with his perspective. 

Asuna perspective was really nice since the both of them wanted to actually have a relationship in the real world it was nice seeing it from asunas side of things, since we knew kiritos family from afleim online. So i liked that and i wouldnt have gotten that if it wasnt for the mother rosario arc.

And things kinda had to become peaceful, literally having a whole bunch of games one after another being basically fight to live wouldnt really happen which was why the mother rosario arc had to come into existence or else it would have ended after the gun gale arc and i wouldnt like that personally.


Yeah, All Out!! is a good one. (:

Mhm, that's true. He doesn't really have a reason to fight anymore which is probably why I liked the first season better.

The peacefulness was nice, I didn't mean to hate on it if I sounded like it. Pretty much every anime has to have some peace in it or else there would kind of be like no ending, lol. I like the mother rosario arc, there were just some parts that were a little boring in my opinion. :p 

Anyways, how was your weekend? ;3

VlN Nov 14, 2016

Lets see between izetta and trickster id probably say that i like trickster more than izetta (even though i love world war era stuff). But trickets is not my favorite anime that is airing this season.

yeah i liked the mother rosario arc since it was from a asunas perspective and we werent just followng kirito everywhere. you can even argue that part of gun gale arc we were following sinons perpective for a little bit. I like how they did that instead of just following kirito.


Which is your favorite airing anime, then? 

Yeah, that's a good reason. I personally just like Kirito a lot (one of my favorite characters) so I like when it follows Kirito everywhere. I just feel like when it's Kirito, there's a lot more action. With asuna it's more of a friendly environment, y'know? Yeah, I actually liked it from Sinon's perspective. Maybe just because there was still a lot of action. I guess I just like a more energized environment rather than peaceful, it always keeps me on edge and I like that. :p

VlN Nov 6, 2016

i was catching up on trickster and izetta. As of what im watching in general im watching a lot this season. to many to list out

i liked it a lot i liked the first part of sao season 2 with sinon and her story and then the second half followng asuna and her side of the story wad quite nice. i know a lot of people didnt really care for the mother rosario arc in season 2 but i liked it a lot. then again i love SAO just on general.


I'm watching those too. Which one is your favorite? ;3

I agree. I really liked the beginning of SAO II the most. I wasn't a huge fan of the mother rosario arc but it wasn't awful either. I like Yuuki though. (: