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KonaIzumi May 2, 2015

But how much you payed for it? :3

KonaIzumi May 2, 2015

Oh! So the 3DS you own, is the first one released? :O How much you payed for it?

KonaIzumi May 2, 2015

Yeah I know >< I'm also not a fan of playing on emulator, because holding the real console in your hands is a better feeling :3 But ... since you've the chance of doing so, is better to give it a try. At least, you can see if you like or not the game ^^ wouldn't be cool if you buy it and then you don't like it, right? ><

Totally!! Maybe the first 3DS was that expensive because it was the first console with a 3D effect without using 3D glasses and they took advantage of it >< I'm happy of not buying it back then, because seeing the price of the New 3DS now ... I would be really mad and do something like this

hahahahaha :P but ... yeah, if people bought the first 3DS with that high price, it wouldn't hurt so much to lower the prices of games a little bit :x The most famous the game it is, the more expensive it is ... T_T

KonaIzumi May 2, 2015

Yes :3 today was just qualifying rounds. Can't wait to see the race tomorrow! :D

Oh! If you got the time now and really wanna start playing them, you don't need to waste any money ^^ you can play it in the PC! :D

Do you remember when the first 3DS came out? The initial price was crazy!! with the same amount of money, you could buy Xbox 360. Thanks god the new version isn't so expensive, is almost the half of that price :D They should do the same with games!! or at least ... released them with a cheaper price the first month or something! ><

KonaIzumi May 2, 2015

So far the ones I wanted to win in MotoGP and football, they won! So, perfect for now :3 We'll see what happens tomorrow in MotoGP in the real race ^^

That would be an awesome idea! :3 Do you own any of the previous NDS to play all the others Professor Layton or Phoenix Wright games? Both of those series are really worth to play them ^^ So, hope you can someday! As for Zelda, I recommend you to play The Legend of Zelda: A link between the past (released for SNES). Is my favorite Zelda game so far :3

Yeah ~~~~~~~~ totally x_x The two games of Professor Layton I bough were kinda cheap compared to others 3DS games, but only because aren't new games and the price has (thanks god) decreased a little. The last one released of Phoenix Wright is hell expensive, and I'm scared of seeing the price of Mario Kart 8 when it comes out >_<