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sugarystars Jul 9, 2018

xD i hope me calling you that doesn't make you feel uncomfortable ; - ;

aaaaaaaaaaaa that's completely fine!! i was a bit confused at first but i do know who Chinatsu is!! Rosie from show by rock they have two different personalities!! i think you'd like show by rock! ^^

aaa yes!! i think i watched it like maybe in 2016? or 2015? maybe earlier i can't really remember !! i enjoyed it! but i may need to rewatch it at some point! HONESTLY IT REALLY IS CAUSE THEY'RE ALL SO CUTE!!!

erhguierhughre you're not!? are they creepy to you cause i can stop ; n ; lmfao yes i love pink haired/pastel anime characters!! i'm so glad you think that honestly aaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! honestly i started watching steins;gate and i've only seen maybe the first two episodes? but it seems really good!!! oof i gotta watch steins;gate 0 XD I'M SO EXCITED TO MEET FARIS!! are you sure it's not just cause shes a cat girl!?

I have seen Kiss Him Not Me!!! i really enjoyed it as well!!!

have you seen Kiss Him Not Me?? ^^

AniTerentia May 7, 2018

hiii .. long time no seeeee. im curently reading a manga that i cant seem to find here to add to my read list so if u can find it it would be a biiig help <3 the name is suriipingu biyuutei wa nemurenai <3 hope u doing well :D

KonaIzumi Apr 7, 2018

I also love long comments and I'm not even doing that much lately either >_< But oh well! at least we can talk :3

sugarystars Apr 6, 2018

Thank you sweetie!!

ahhh now that i read your comment..we are talking about two totally different things xD i actually thought you had meant the girl in my icon! but now seeig the gif that girl is not Chinatsu!! the girl on my gif that winks her name is Rosia and she is in the anime Show by Rock! but i totally get why you'd think it was Chinatsu! they look so similar!!

I haven't seen Yuru Yuri in such a long time ; n ; I watched it back in 2014/maybe 2013 and I haven't seen it since ; ^ ;

I forgot all their personalities from Yuru Yuri so i can't tell you who my fave girl is Dx

thank you dear!! i have a thing for pink haired characters i think? XD or pastel! she's not the same as the girl in the gif either ;; i think she might've been an original creation done by the artist! ahhh thank you!! i try to use matching things (like colors and what not!) ahhh i heard of that anime but i've never seen is on my list to watch!! i'll have to let you know once i do start watching Steins;Gate!


lmao with me you'll be using tons of pictures in your comments xD

sugarystars Apr 4, 2018

It's no problem at all!! ^^

there's no such thing as a dumb question!! i appreciate and am willing to answer any questions you have!! ahhh she is a girl an artist drew and i really liked the art/picture itself and decided to change my icon to it/make my aesthetic (my icon and header) yandere ish/pastel pink ish!! but here is the full picture if you'd like to see it! also may i ask what is the girl you mentioned that's your favorite and kinda looks like the girl in my icon??