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I liked this anime. Horizon in the middle of nowhere or a.k.a. HITMON. I read couple other reviews from the other guys. I'll agree with the fact that some subtitle groups put out products of lesser quality.

Couple things I didn't piticularly liked about the anime was the dialogue it self, but considering this is based on the translations; point is null and invalid and substituded with a different reality. I can consider that the subtitle group did a good job capturing the slang with how they talked; I can't understand japanese, but I can definately recognize the slang of words, and the choice of words selected was good. This paragraph is here to point the difficulty in translating this anime. But a example against this fact was the epic 15 minute debate, which was commical. Episode 12 with the 5 minute "we are parelell so X" back and forth was kinda overkill but I watched it because it purposely emphisied the conversation.


compared to many animes that are slow paced, this anime seems fast; it's a perfect speed IMHO. This isn't the anime you play in the background while multi-tasking, which is about 9/10 of all the anime I watch >_>... I tried working while watching this anime today, I didn't even get a glimpse of what is going on -- at this point it's only purpose was background noice; I rewatched couple episodes after I finished some work.

The development of the plot was fluid and was easy to follow -- if you are paying attension. The plot started with intruduction, added more variations and causes, and finished with the epic tale of witts and talking. Pretty solid foundation for a story, beginning/middle/end. and notice my phrase of "epic tale" as said in another review to put the show down.


First thing that comes to mind: All the male sub characters look identical, and of course who ever heard of female sub characters? The animation exceeded expectations of what anime of 2011 should have. The crew went beyond and added details when the screen was bare with little action. the first 10 seconds of episode 13, you have 6 clearly definable qualities between 3 sceens. when you look in the background on the third sceen you can see the very fine details on the background where they could easily blured the image and you wouldn't know they saved 4 hours of their life... now I'm not saying that they didn't use any bluring at all, because they used alot of it where it would take the focus away from the mail point, they added details where you wouldn't lose focus on the main point.


It's good, I don't know. avg? not going to effect overall score.


too many characters? I don't think so, they didn't cram them all into 1 episode. There wasn't a need for character development when they are pretty straight forward, there was couple flash backs and explainations when needed to explain a character's character so you could have empethy. The main character reminds me of ozzy or male main character from pandora hearts, in the sense of the warped self history; and you can see it in the last episodes of HITMON where he'd disapear if he ever becomes unhappy. There wasn't anything left unturned or unanswered at the end of the season; all the loose ends are tied for the most part. I'll give this a 9 for the fact they didn't over complicate or leave any largly unturned stones.


I liked this anime for the straight forward plot, simular to how in demon king daimao (ichiban ushiro no daimaou) straight from the near beginning you can understand how things unfold. Now, skipping an episode or not paying attension to some parts of one can cause confusion down the line, as there was little filler in the show; there is 15 second blurts of echi or w/e too keep the show on edge and the commedy wasn't too bad either. Lots of sexual jokes and comments, but c'mon is this new? I round down on scores above avg.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
?/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall

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SnapTite Dec 5, 2023

Straight forward plot? Where? Were we watching the same anime series? There wasn't a need for character development? Every bit of entertainment except cookbooks need character development adequate to the story's purpose. Since the purpose is completely hidden, I don't know whether the character development was adequate or not. I actually like stories with many characters because that is real life. This, however, was far too many for the purpose. I'd rather go back to something very much simpler like flying multi-engine jet aircraft in combat. That was so much easier than trying to understand this anime.

42069god Nov 11, 2020

it good to show your opinion

iZallen Jul 12, 2013

The only bad part of the anime I have to admit was the rediculous start, as they don't actually do a very good job explaining the plot at that point. It's only around after halfway through the anime can you really apreciate it. :3

Baeron Oct 15, 2012

When the ship gets attacked Tori screamed"I Play TENNIS!" while flying around the room naked... on a rope...That's the main protagonist by the way. (Quote Season2 episode 2  7minutes 33seconds) Its not funny when it tries to be, in fact I think that single scene successfuly sums up the entire series.  :/I really hope you didn't find this show intellectually straining or attention-requiring in the least. All they do is shove a bunch of premade steryotypes into one show, such as their "varied" cast of characters to catch the viewer's eye. Did half of the "varied" cast actually DO anything?... No. They just sat there looking pretty.