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some spoilers


for a kid who can upturn a mountain with his right hand and crush a nation with his left, placed into a world by many Gods with the purpose of developing the world, he really do be fighting against creatures a millions times weaker than him, and he do be building shogi rather than... steam powered things. Technology. Things that the gods gave him power for.

He doesn't care about that, no, he spends 3 years learning from elites who can do less than him.

If the magic system were remotely complex, I could see him learning. Maybe he has infinite mana but still has to learn how cast it, or else instead of fire you get a spark and a million points of mana leaking out into the atmosphere, but he casts fire with a single command the first time he picks up a book.

Art: it's the average of the good. The sign of a decently established artist.


well, the side characters are uninspired. The main character just doesn't do anything. For a story without any reason for his strength, no OP aliens and whatnot, the only way for it to shine is with characters like one punch man, but it's hard to like  the mc. He's a total pushover.

Conclusion: generic Isekai, maybe just a bit worse than average, read if you like generic Isekai.

4/10 story
7/10 art
4/10 characters
5/10 overall

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