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A simple, warm-feeling, wholesome story about a maid named Katie who serves a noble family. The story is really simple and nothing crazy about the plot, if you prefer more slice of life and character interaction types of stories without any drama, this one is for you! Besides the fact the plot has really no direction, I still enjoyed it as this story has such a fluffy sweet charm to it :) All the characters are nice, there are no bad people (so far), and its story is driven by the relationship development of the young master and his maid (if you expected romance, it's not like that- he develops a crush, but the story doesn't focus on the romantic development, rather, it prioritizes growing their bond)

The art is so adorable! The scenery, background, colors are all so soft and give off a storybook vibe,, combine that with the simple plot, it's a really feel-good story that can make your day <3

Our MC is a bit of an airhead, as she wonders why the young master keeps blushing around her (he develops a small crush) and worries he has a disease and is oblivious to what he thinks! Luckily there are no major misunderstandings, only small ones as the young master is a bit of a tsundere and can't admit his feelings/be honest T-T

If you want to read a cozy story with no direction but focuses on the daily life of a maid and her experiences serving the manor, this soft story is for you! :))

-personally as someone who dislikes unnecessary drama in a story, this one was rather refreshing as there was none at all! People will definitely find this boring, but ultimately, it's about preference.. in the end, reading this felt like a breath of fresh air, as so many stories have conflict so reading this was like taking a break from all that ;D

6/10 story
8.5/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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