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The story was quite good at first. The premise however is quite problematic. I just dont feel like having a dream as the stage of the game is a good start honestly speaking. And I don't also like the part that the power levels in this game are quite often ignored. I mean how can a level 30 beat a level 70 that sort of thing. I always feel like i need to shut my brain downe everytime i move on to each panel that it finally got to a point that everything in the story is just plain stupid. 

Secondly, the worldbuilding is just literally non-existent. The readers don't get a sense of place and direction especially with how the characters move around. It just feels like the author just conveniently drops a place for the sake of the plot without any coherent points. And the lack of balance between real and game world interactions just made thie story extremely stale. Take for example some manhuas like solo leveling, overgeared, etc... they have this transitions to real world and game world that refreshes readers for the next subplot.

Moreover, it just doesnt feels like a world that the reader can really feel, cuz although the art is good, it just feels overly bright and flashy removing the up and down tension in every panel by adding a blue tranquil scene on one and bright ones on combat scenes. Well, it basically depends on the reader themselves on what sort of art they are into. But I think it is also important that the illustrator knows how to draw panels and use colors base on the situation the characters are in. 

Next, I feel like the MC is just usually overshadowed; and the flashbacks are quite annoying at times- usually appearing in scenes that don't really feel like it should have a flashback. 

Well... I've wrote a lot here. So amma wrap it up.

Basically, the story isn't well written. If you are looking for a an action packed story without a coherent storyline splashed with a lot of seizure-inducing flashy colors then this is for you.

Overall, I rate this story 5/10

3/10 story
7/10 art
5/10 characters
5/10 overall

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