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Badass/OP Main Characters

Updated 4/7: Includes mangas/webtoons that have MCs that are either super talented in specific areas, badass as in super saiyan strong or becomes hella beast as the story goes on. I tried to sort it so webtoons are the first half and mangas the second half.
1 Eleceed


Do you see that fat tabby cat in the cover photo?

Well, he's like a beast, when human of course, but we wouldn't have this webtoon if he didn't turn into this chubby cat... but ANYWAYS because of some circumstances, he ends up stuck in this cat's body and meets our super sweet and wholesome MC.

  • NOTE: This MC while he starts off not as the strongest, it's mainly because of his past and trauma surrounding his own powers. HOWEVER, he is by no means weak. He has an incredibly strong heart and is both kind-hearted and compassionate. Somehow, he is able to stand up for himself and for those he cares about WITHOUT BEING ANNOYING, and that is why I honestly fell in love with this MC. 


KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Fantasy, Action

2 Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

Weakest MC becomes most OP MC (The art is so good I quake)

  • NOTE: NGL this man as he gets stronger, he also gets hotter, like no joke. 


KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Fantasy, Action, Adventure

3 Yeon Lok Heun

Yeon Lok Heun

#girlcrush Super brave and strong girl dressed/transformed as male.

Due to circumstances, Yeon has always dressed as a boy and after her father is caught stealing medicine and is convicted, Yeon gets thrown into a pit by the Emperor and has to survive in this ruthless and cold pit for several years to come. She is honestly so strong and so brave. I love this woman. 

  • NOTE: DON'T WORRY. Our girl is literally a male, as in, in order to hide her identity, she learned how to shapeshift her face and body to be a male's body, so it's not surprising no one thinks of her as a girl. Cause while she still has some delicate features, in a male body, she is legit just a pretty boy. Think about it, if she transformed to be bulky, we'd probably be turned off anyways lol


KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Martial Arts, Action, Gender Bender

4 Noblesse


MC is literally the strongest vampire in existence; low-key high-key also one of the oldest people still alive. 


KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Action, Fantasy

5 Study Group

Study Group

Gamin Yoon, the main character, lowkey is relatable in the fact that no matter how hard he studies, he doesn't do well in class, but on the other side, his physical fighting abilities are like top-tier. He also doesn't brag about it, but sorta just nonchalantly beats people up if they F with him.

KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Action, Comedy, School Life

6 Black Haze

Black Haze

Main character transformed is literally hella OP. He tries to hide his strength.

KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Action, Fantasy

7 Charlotte Has Five Disciples

Charlotte Has Five Disciples

KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Action, Fantasy, Romance

8 Weak Hero

Weak Hero

Strategically smart and uses that to his advantage during fights.

KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Action, School Life

9 The Descent of the Demonic Master

The Descent of the Demonic Master

This guy literally got isekai'd twice. 

First Life: Weak and died p shitty.

Second Life: Strongest in the world but still died p shitty. 

Third Life: PRESENT. Now that he experienced both lives, hopefully in this life, he doesn't die shitty? x')


KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Action, Martial Arts, Reincarnation x 2

10 Peerless Dad

Peerless Dad

BEST. OP. DAD. EVER. though he's a bit stupid... His children are amazing too.

KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Action, Martial Arts, Single Dad

11 The Monster Duchess and Contract Princess

The Monster Duchess and Contract Princess

Enter cute little Leslie, who possesses the powers of darkness, and ends up going to the notoriously infamous Monster Duchess's to ask them to adopt her...? 

  • NOTE: Might make you want to beat up her OG family (beating might even be an understatement) but fall in love with her new family (insert wholesome vibes)

KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Fantasy, Shoujo

12 I am the Sorcerer King

I am the Sorcerer King

This is like Solo Leveling OP level but kinda different at the same time. If you haven't read that btw, go do it now.

Anyways, not only is this boy reincarnated, he's also the most fking OP MC's ever. Trust me and get through the first few chapters.


KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Reincarnation

13 The Gamer

The Gamer

LIFE IS A GAME. Just keep adding to your stats and see what happens.

14 White Blood

White Blood

Human on the outside but Vampire on the inside. All Park Hayan wants is to be normal and to be like everyone else, but... she can't.

  • NOTE: In her vampire state, her hotness like increases by like 10 levels probably cause her clothes become more fitted and she just looks more badass. 
  • She's super strong, but the real question is, can she fend off basically every single vampire existing who wants to kill her for her blood cause... she's special (just read more to find out)


KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Action, Fantasy

15 Youngest Princess

Youngest Princess

Originally the strongest archmage, but all of the sudden she disappeared and woke up as the youngest and most blessed princess of the Empire???

  • NOTE: On the plus side, she can think of this as a vacation cause she had to work day and night with paperwork as the archmage lol. She can enjoy her sweets until her power manifests back x")

KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Shoujo, Fantasy, Reincarnation

16 The Second Coming of Gluttony

The Second Coming of Gluttony

Becomes pretty strong and OP after he regains his memory of his past life. Just gotta get through the first few chapters when he was still a pretty bad douchey gambler :")

6/10 - only cause the plot pacing is kinda too fast, but otherwise maybe 8/10

KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Action, Survival, Fantasy, Reincarnation

17 Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp

Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp

This girl literally got isekai'd twice. 

First Life: Executed as a pretty bratty princess.

Second Life: Youngest professor and surgeon at one of the best medical institutes in Korea, but after a plane accident... is once again isekai'd back to her old world...

Third Life: PRESENT. She wakes up as the princess at a younger time in her life. Now with her new medical knowledge maybe she can start a new path in life and can hopefully finally be happy for good.


KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Shoujo, Fantasy, Reincarnation x 2

18 Übel Blatt

Übel Blatt

A smol boy with fking strong fighting abilites and he's good in bed too ;)

19 The God of High School

The God of High School

Literally a god.

20 The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins

OP main characters as in literally a demon.

21 Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker


Kinda like solo leveling. I believe its the same author?

KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Revenge

22 Volcanic Age

Volcanic Age

OP martial artist

KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Action, Martial Arts, Fantasy, Reincarnation

23 Nano List

Nano List

NANO IS the most fking OP cute af girl ever. Don't piss her off.


KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Action, Fantasy

24 The Scholar's Reincarnation

The Scholar's Reincarnation

Super strong fighter in his past life with no one to protect but now after reincarnating, he trains to become strong again, but this time, he has a family to protect.

KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Action, Martial Arts, Fantasy, Reincarnation

25 The Knight and Her Emperor

The Knight and Her Emperor

Pauliana, yes she's a girl, but she gives no shits about what you think or do and won't hesitate to cuss you out or beat you up :)

KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Shoujo, Fantasy, Reincarnation

26 A Returner's Magic Should Be Special

A Returner's Magic Should Be Special

OP Leader. Super smart and talented fighter.

27 Re:Monster


Goblin who actually can think. He learns how to train and becomes the leader.

28 A Capable Maid

A Capable Maid

What would you do if you could learn any skill just by dreaming about it? 

KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Shoujo, Fantasy, Reincarnation, Romance

29 The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After the End

OP King reincarnated as a child who of course becomes OP as well

KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Action, Fantasy. Reincarnation

30 This Girl is a Little Wild

This Girl is a Little Wild

While she was physically strong as the head of the knights in her past life, she uh... is uh mentally strong in this life? She was like everyone's girl crush in her past life and now she's reborn in a delicate body that probably hasn't lifted anything in her life. Imagine how frustrated she is :")

KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Shoujo, Fantasy, Reincarnation, Romance

31 Medical Return

Medical Return

Though a surgeon who worked day and night for his patients in his past life, he died pretty worthlessly with no one left to mourn for him. Now, sent back to his teenage years with his past life's medical skills and knowledge, once again he embarks on his journey to go to med school, but this time to find a job in Dermatology? (basically new goal: money & protecting those he cares about > using his skills as a surgeon and working himself to death again)

  • NOTE: While I know he was a doctor in his first life, my brain could never retain all that knowledge if I was reborn, but well, this man be OP as f and highkey actually tries to dumb himself down sometimes to not stand out, but of course, still ends up standing out.


KEY TAGS: Webtoon, Medical, Reincarnation

32 Zero Game

Zero Game

Girl starts off with some hella high stats and gets stronger in this game for survival

33 Wise Man’s Grandchild

Wise Man’s Grandchild

Strong but oblivious to how the world works. He's like a living genius at fighting, studying and everything you could imagine but his common sense is shit lmao.

34 Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!

Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!

OP at magic.

35 The Breaker

The Breaker

The teacher was hella OP here while the student was training to get more OP.

36 Breaker: New Waves

Breaker: New Waves

THE STUDENT BECOMES HELLA OP NOW LMAO and the teacher is just an ass. 

37 Chronicles of Heavenly Demon

Chronicles of Heavenly Demon

38 Tensei Kizoku no Isekai Boukenroku: Jichou wo Shiranai Kamigami no Shito

Tensei Kizoku no Isekai Boukenroku: Jichou wo Shiranai Kamigami no Shito

OP child magician

39 Psyren


Ageha has some latent OP skills he doesn't even realize he has.

40 I Shall Survive Using Potions!

I Shall Survive Using Potions!

OP healer.

41 Rain


Strong swordfighter with a mysterious past.

42 Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

OP strong boy. Used to be an otaku.

43 High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World!

High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World!

OP high schoolers each with diff skills

44 Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja

Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja

OP MC. Used to be OP but his limits were too low so he died and was reborn with better stats.

45 LV999 no Murabito

LV999 no Murabito

STRONGEST HUMAN ALIVE. maybe he can b friends with saitama.

46 Astra Lost in Space

Astra Lost in Space

Main character is a decathalon athlete. He's like top 5 in the world I think. His physical abilities are no joke, plus he's ripped. Woot woot.

47 One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man

The one punch explains it all.

KEY TAGS: Action, Comedy

48 Gun x Clover

Gun x Clover

A badass man in a little body. He tries to pretend to be weak.

KEY TAGS: Action, Comedy, Secret Identity

49 Dengeki Daisy

Dengeki Daisy

Skill: Hacking

His hacker abilities are insane plus he's literally willing to do anything for his girl <3

KEY TAGS: Shoujo, Romance, Mystery, Secret Identity

50 Fire-and-Ice Magic Cookery

Fire-and-Ice Magic Cookery

Skill: Dual Elements

KEY TAGS: Manhua, Action, Fantasy


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you encouraged me to read solo leveling. thanks sis twas great

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thanks for making this list 


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Pretty cool list thank you ! even if I already know all of those...

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