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I got into anime when I was 18 when I asked a friend what they were doing on msn messenger and they linked me episode 1 of zero no tsukaima. I watched it and instantly fell in love with anime. It was really unlike any western cartoon that I had watched up to that point. That one episode has blossomed into an endearing love and enthusiasm with this beautiful art form and I will always be grateful to them for opening the gateway to anime. 

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meganeorcx Mar 2, 2020

I used to enjoy ecchi and/or harem anime but now if there is little plot, I just do not enjoy it at all. Same with yaoi, I'm pretty sure that phase in my life is over because I just don't enjoy my smutty BL anime/manga as much anymore. When did my tastes change?? 

And oh my god, I love the Good Omens series! I thought the book was only my Neil Gaiman so I'm happy that I know it's also by Terry Pratchett! That book has been on my TBR list for a while now! If I like it, I might check out more of his books. 

Six of Crows has some LGBT+ characters but I guess they don't really shove it in your face. Unless you join the fandom on social media. Then it's crazy. But I really loved the Six of Crows duology, it's a bit more realistic in my opinion. It also has this city Ketterdam which is based on Amsterdam and speaking Dutch, the references to my language are hilarious to me. I'd love to read more by Leigh Bardugo, such talent!

I hope that if you end up building a resistance to antibiotics that there will be new ones that will help you anyways. Does medication work like that? I have no idea, I've been trying to switch medication with tea whenever I feel sick. I noticed that if I take meds for something like stomach aches, I get them more often than I normally do and then I end up taking more meds. Tea doesn't do that though it's not always the best replacement. Like, for headaches, I need some good meds.

Usually, I try to do my essays in time or finish reading a few days ahead. But now we have these presentations which we have to do with other people. We have to pick our groups but really, I've had some serious anxiety lately and I cannot talk to most people without them approaching me. I have no idea how to get myself a group if I cannot talk. I really thought university would be easier when it came to that. Guess I cannot have everything. :') You take care as well! I'll check out your papercraft pictures now!

meganeorcx Feb 24, 2020

Don't worry! I wouldn't put my discord on here if I was afraid of people being "creeps". You're definitely not a creepy stalker because I usually block those kinds of people. :') I'll add you as soon as I am done replying here. I'd love to see the paper figures!

I did get to drink all the coffee I want, and even more! And finding a job seems like such an unfair and difficult process. When companies do not reply at all, it's so frustrating and mean. The least people can do is send an automatic e-mail that they aren't interested.
I checked out the synopsis of Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou and it sounds interesting. Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of ecchi in combination with minors (unless that little boy in the cover is 18+ but I doubt it) but it doesn't look too bad in this case. The art style is entirely up my alley too so guess I have to add it to my ever-growing to-watch list! I'm glad you're watching The Pet Girl of Sakurasou and I also hope you like it! Fate really was out for you to watch it. 

I have heard the exact same advice about writing multiple times so I suppose it really is legit. I started writing this YA novel and I'm currently just writing, writing, writing. This morning I got to class an hour earlier and I just sat down and started writing a new chapter. I feel pretty confident about this story but of course, I have to remind myself I cannot just drop it after a few chapters. I had never heard of those novels before. I looked it up and I love how one of the characters is named Death. It seems promising, especially with the humour elements. 
I read so much LGBT+ YA novels, I doubt I can really recommend any of those because they're simply guilty pleasures. My current favourite novel is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott but I'm not sure I'd recommend it to get back into reading. I suppose One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus is something that gets you hooked, it's also one of my favourite books. I binge-read it and absolutely loved it! If you like fantasy, I recommend Six of Crows. I found it hard to get into but it turned out to be one of the better YA fantasies out there that I've read. Both these last books are getting television adaptations later this year/upcoming years too! I could go on and on about my books but I'll keep my recommendations at this. 

Making the pasta myself sounds like a lot of effort that I might be willing to try in the future, but not right now. I took a look at those recipes and I'm quite hungry now! The pesto chicken recipe seems like something I'd love to try with salmon! Your daily meals seem very yummy (especially since I love eggs). My new favourite meal is this cheesy mashed potatoes with spinach, mushrooms and egg on top. I wish I could send you the recipe but I cannot find it.
I'm glad you found helpful meds! Inflammation sounds like it could be really bothersome so I hope it stays helpful! I've been fine although I went home today because I felt bad. I'm probably just tired so I'll be better soon! 

meganeorcx Feb 21, 2020

ps: I loved your AMV! It brought back many memories for me and the music was so fitting!! 

meganeorcx Feb 21, 2020

I got the grades I knew I was going to get so I'm satisfied with that. I simply need to step up my studying game a little bit and I'll be good this term!

Yuno and Yukki could be an OTP although, for me, Yukki and Aru was my OTP in Mirai Nikki. I did love Yuno though! I'm pretty sure I've been spoilt the entirety of Code Geass already but I've forgotten nearly all of it, so thank you for sparing me that spoiler! Death Note was my actual first anime, and I remember very well falling off my chair crying right when L also fell off his chair. I wasn't too bothered by the deaths and shinigami since I was in a bit of an emo phase and anything dark and sinister was right up my alley. And I understand what you mean! I often forget I'm 18 and basically an adult here. I'd like to wish you an early happy 29th birthday for in a few weeks! I hope you'll have a nice celebration!!:)

Ah yes, I used to play Overwatch a lot too when I had this boyfriend who was really into it. After we broke up, I played with some friends but they were so competitive and very toxic so I just quit. I've played it a few times by myself on weekends but lately, I just don't bother anymore. Fifa also isn't my thing at all! I would play it when I babysit this one little fella or when I go to the movies (they have these gaming consoles it's pretty cool) but I hate football in real life as well as in games. I've tried Life is Strange and watched a gameplay on it! I can see why it's your favourite game, it's absolutely beautiful and clever! Sims doesn't really make a lot of sense but I just like living my IRL life on there, but with more cats. I did start playing The Witcher after I watched the Netflix series! I had heard a lot about the games before but it seemed to have too much horror elements for me, but there was a Steam sale and I just had to get all three games. I've seen that most people started playing The Witcher 3 and I started all the way back with the first game, and now I'm not sure if that was a good idea. I've really been enjoying it though despite the scary scenes. And Henry Cavill could indeed do that. I prefer girls but if there was a Henry or a Geralt of Rivia in my life, I'd easily know who to choose. 

I'm not a big fan of mecha so it makes sense I didn't now Knights of Sidonia. I do like outer space though and it does look pretty cool!

Hopefully, you won't get stuck with a call centre! My summer job at a coffee company got me a customer service job where I had to ring up clients and ask if they wish to order something. It was scary to me at first but I really loved doing it! It wasn't really a call centre though so I can only imagine the horrors of calling (rude) people all day. Fingers crossed for something good!

I also stopped reading quite a bit when I got into anime and video games so I'm glad I turned over a new leaf last year and started challenging myself. I read about 22 books last year and I'm aiming to read more this year! University reading is a bit different indeed (except for my literature readings like Jane Eyre) but it's as valid as casual reading in my opinion. I feel like stopping with writing a book is 95% of aspiring writers their obstacle. Including me. Maybe one day, you'll get to finally continue! I get stressed when I cook for others because I don't mind screwing up my own meal but I don't want to accidentally poison others! I like making kinds of pasta and oven dishes but I make the best chocolate chip cookies!! I'm also an amazing bread baker! My meals are pretty simple right now, though I do like to spice it up but I'm looking for more creative things! I really like to use rosemary in my meals and I found a rosemary bread recipe that I'd love to try! That diet sounds pretty difficult tbh, what would you say are your favourite meals if you only/mainly get to eat meat, cheese and eggs? I became a pescatarian this year so no more meat for me! My parents are very supportive, luckily, and they bought vegetarian cookbooks to have more meat-free meals!

Again, I'm so sorry for replying this late. I was put off by the amount of text to reply to, which isn't your fault at all. I mean, I pretty much wrote an entire novel introduction back to you because I have no idea how to send short replies. I hope you've been well!  

meganeorcx Feb 9, 2020

I'm feeling a lot better, luckily! Going back to uni tomorrow and finally getting to see my grades so things are going to be back to normal. I can see why a film AMV is harder to make but I'm sure it'll turn out amazing, as usual! I cannot wait to watch it and know what music you picked out! 

I usually cry when an anime ends or when a character has a death that is focussed on a lot, as in at least a few minutes of them dying and someone else crying over it. Another reason that I cry is when my OTP gets together after waiting for a long time. I remember crying a lot during the last episodes of each season of Sailor Moon, but also when certain characters died in Death Note and Parasyte. Liking a good death scene isn't that weird, I quite enjoy them too. Just not when it involves my favourite character but I do like it when if they die, they get a nice scene.

And I know right? When I still had an entire group of people with whom I'd get together to play videogames, I'd play so many games that I didn't quite enjoy. It was disappointing that after that group broke up, some of my friends didn't want to put the effort of playing my favourite MMOs with me (when really, they did not have anything better to do). I really wanted to like Black Desert Online and indeed, with time and effort, I could find it more enjoyable. But I read somewhere you need to put in a lot of effort to get somewhere in the game and it doesn't sound like something I could just play casually. I guess I'll just stick with my occasional binge-gaming of The Sims or the first The Witcher game. 

Youtube and their stupid policies, I swear. I've also never heard of Knights of Sidonia but I'd love to see the AMV too if you end up making it! Knights are pretty cool (if that's what the anime is actually about) so I'd still enjoy watching. You seem to have watched a lot of anime so I'm not surprised there are many I haven't even heard of tbh, Africa Salaryman is also unknown to me. It seems like something I'd enjoy watching if I had more time to watch anime. It sounds like it could be really funny! 

Don't worry, I don't find people intrusive easily! And I'm sorry if I don't always reply as quick. I've always wanted to play instruments but I never got around to do so. I love the guitar and the ukelele and even playing just a little bit is something I admire! I've never heard of paper modelling before and it looks really difficult but cool! I'd love to see some that you made if you're ever willing to show your creations!:) I don't have many hobbies because I'm tired all the time so I just watch series/films and be lazy. I do like to read (though I'm a slow reader) and I'm finishing my fifth fantasy book of the year tonight! I also write a lot like poetry and stories. I'm working on a high fantasy novel that takes place in the fictional continent of Ashriveh. I mostly daydream instead of actually writing though ... Aside from that I just journal and doodle from time to time, I don't have a lot I really do tbh. Although, I do like to bake and cook and just throw dinner parties. Does that count as an interest?