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Sianeka Jan 4, 2015

sleepyeyes24 says...  Welcome, I think it was correct :) if not pls let me know lol it's a learning process day in and day out. We just need to stick with it, even some Japanese adults have problems with kanji. Id be happy learning enough not to look like a fool :) then I can go from there. Other then that just saying hi & enjoy your day


It's just harder for me to stay motivated; there are "payoffs" for learning a little every day! With hiragana and katakana, I could at least form words from the sounds. A favorite practice was to write a note in English using hiragana symbols for the sounds to my sister and have her reply the same way.  So, even though I wasn't practicing Japanese vocabulary, it reinforced the sound the symbol represents. (example, I'd write すりぴあいす for sleepyeyes. Receiving it, you'd read su-ri-pi-ah-ee-su and translate that back as sleepyeyes.)


I don't have a reinforcement game reward for kanji. Yet, anyways...

Hoshi098 Jan 2, 2015

You're right, there's just so much anime to watch~! My list will never be completed probably xD To me, it happens the opposite xD I can't wait 'til the broadcasting is over, and I don't mind watching one episode each week :BMaybe because I'm always watching at least two/three animes at the same time, so I don't mind waiting because I have a lot to watch xD 

Thank you!! I'm glad you started well this year! ^^ Truth be told, my new year this year wasn't the best, but things are now getting better, I think it's going to be a good year :)

Sianeka Jan 2, 2015

I've found a couple of sites I'm using for now, but still haven't found that one site to be my main learn kanji tool yet...

Thank you for the reading practice! *smile*

Hoshi098 Jan 2, 2015

Some of them are my fav genders too :) 

Hahah, you're right there ^^ You never know when you'll find something you might like. That's why I try to give an opportunity to all animes :3

Sianeka Dec 31, 2014

sleepyeyes24 says...Happy New Years to ya :) have fun/be safe esp if going out tonight. So is starting your kanji studying your new years  resolution this year ? I am just now starting to get into it myself and it's blowing my mind lol So good luck to ya, I know I could use all the luck/support I can get... Happy New Years woohoo's Bring on 2015 I am ready :D


Sounds like a good idea. I think if I -do- make it a New Year's resolution I may be able to make some headway rather than continually starting then stopping bacause I lose motivation. So today's plan is to find a good online source for taking daily lessons


Good luck to you and Gambatte! I know you can do it too! Better than me, even!!!  Here's to 2015 and the new successes it will bring us!