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Hoshi098 Mar 28, 2015

Hello ^^ Remember me? xD Sorry, i couldn't enter my account :l I don't know why...This happened like a month ago and now it magically started to work again so..yeah xD 

Thank you for your nice words ^^ Things are much better now, I feel great :D How are you? 

Again. You're so lucky! xD Autumn and winter are my favs seasons, I'd love them even more if it snowed! >u< But that won't happen in my country... xD

So, have you watched any more anime? 

Hoshi098 Feb 2, 2015

Really? Wuaah, I miss winter ;A; you're so lucky, haha and the snow is so beautiful >w< Here in my country it doesn't snow.. Haha you bet! I only hope the water isn't too cold.. heh

Woah, really? D: Haha sorry, that won't leave a good impression, you'll start thinking that I always have problems, haha ^^uThank you, maybe you're right...I should just move on and put a smile on my face..Bad times don't last forever, right? :D

I'm watching assassination classroom, too :D It's so funny xD But they haven't published the next chapter yet >n< And I gotta wait for the chapters of the others animes I'm watching, as well... So in the meantime i'm watching others animes that are already finished ;P

Sounds interesting, maybe I'll give it a shot :D

Hoshi098 Jan 29, 2015

Hey! :D

I'm doing...meh, this haven't been my week, but oh well... I haven't done anything particularly fun xD just go out from time to time ... And since it's summer and it's hot, it's okay to go out for some air, walking, hanging out with my friends ...Maybe I'll go to the beach, idk xD

Hahaha so you couldn't wait..well, that's ok. There's a looooot of anime to watch while you're waiting, anyway xD

Monogatari? Hmm...I think I've heard it, but I haven't watched it. Is it good? How many seasons does it have? :O

Hoshi098 Jan 27, 2015

Hm...well, you have a point there....Sometimes it's really annoying having to wait xD But at the end the wait is worth it!

Hahaha currently i'm following like 4 or 5 animes... Good idea, so you can wait patiently while chapters are published ^^

How you doing? sorry I kinda disappeared xD I haven't been at the computer much time lately, just to watch anime sometimes... ^^u

Hoshi098 Jan 5, 2015

Haha, yes! I also look forward to this year :3 I really hope things go well this year, better than last year xD

It isn't so bad to wait a week to watch an episode xD I think it's even better, because you're waiting all week, anxious to know what will happen next...So when you finally watch the episode you enjoy it even more xD At least that's what I think :3

Hahah really? xD Well, It's not my case xD Luckily I don't get confused watching several animes at the same time xD