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Hoshi098 Oct 4, 2015

Heeey :)

Haha yeah, i guess, if I were to break something, what would annoy me the most would be the immobility...It must be very boring just to lay there, doing nothing xD

I'm doing well, thanks ^^ Hahah well, I haven't had very much time for anything, except school...But I can't say I haven't had fun, too xD Wow, I've never had that kind of teachers, luckily :s What a prick... I'm glad I have the teachers I have now, I like them and they have good relationships with most of the students ^^ What about you? Everything okay on that side of the world?

Well, my break has already ended. Spring is starting and the weather has gone kind of crazy xD Somedays it rains and gets very cold and the next day is all sunny-like and very warm, you never know xD For now my plans are just to focus on my studies...The year will end soon, these lasts months always fly and before I know, it will be summer and I'll be on vacations again...But I'm looking forward to it! My classmates and I are planning a trip to the beach, it will be very fun! 

Ore Monogatari ended like two weeks ago and I was so sad T-T I didn't want it to end...Its cuteness made my days xD Oh, I've watched some of those :) They're good animes! 

Hhahahaha sorry about that, I know it takes me a hell of a lot of time to reply ^^u

Hoshi098 Jun 27, 2015

Well, there's always pros and cons, but I like this century, I enjoy my youth and I've had lots of opportunities to learn new things :3 

Haha don't worry about it! I understood what you meant! xD 

Ah yeah! I'm still watching it! Since I've been studying all this time, I haven't had time to catch up with it, but I think I'll do it now ^^u Did you start watching it? 

Ohh, sorry to hear that :( Are you better now? ^^ I've never break anything, luckily, so I don't know what it feels like, but I guess it must be painful... xD Sooo...Osu xD Did you give it a shot? :) 

Sorry it took me sooo long to reply, I'm on my final exams, but I've managed to exempt from almost everything, so I don't have to study so much :D My winter break starts soon! ^^ (I'm so happy TvT) Hope you're doing well! 

Hoshi098 May 10, 2015

Haha I wish I were you if you're so lucky xD Give me some of your luck! (>.<*)Ahhh stupid school xD But I guess you're right...Adults have it worse xD I'll enjoy my youth while I can xD

Waah, so many recommendations! *O* They all seem pretty interesting, they're all going to my to watch list :3I've wanted to watch log horizon for so long now, but I don't find the time to >_<I'm watching Ore Monogatari!! It's so cuteee!!! Love the characters (:

Haha i'm not so sure 'bout that this time xD I barely have time to watch anime and stuff xD And when I do have time, i spend it doing something stupid or playing osu (have heard of that game? It's very addictive xD)

So, anyway...Hope you're doing well ^^ And thanks, I'll try not to stress out and follow your advice :D

Hoshi098 Apr 11, 2015

Lucky you! xD At least you could enjoy the holiday, I had to study all weekend and then all week u_u Just today I was able to take a break from all week :/ It's hard to be a student... xD 

Ahh my computer needs to be cleaned as well :( But I don't have anyone who could do it for me xD Anyway, I have a list like that too, but I'm so lazy I think I would never finished it xD 

Oh, smut isn't really my stuff xD I prefer shoujo or seinen (seinen it's one of my fav genres actually)I don't even know what is coming out this season xDDD I don't even have time for that! D: If you know of one that looks interesting, I'd like to know ^^ 

Hoshi098 Mar 29, 2015

Yay! ^_^ Haha yep, with all this technology and all...Computers should be fixed and cleaned by themselves xD We should have the technology to do that, right? xD It would be perfect to ppl that know nothing about computing (like me xD) Everything would be easier ;;

Ahh here it's starting autumn, but the temperature is still a little high, though it has rained a little, so I'm happy :D I already want very low temperatures and feel the cold! >w< Haha I agree with you; humidity sucks xDD

Me too! I've read much more manga lately, especially due to the lack of time to watch anime ^^u I can read manga on my cellphone, so it's alot easier...You like to read books, as well? :D That's cool! I love reading! ^^ Especially thrillers and things like that...

Cool! I didn't know Sakurasou no pet na kanojo, I looked up the synopsis and sounds fun xD

Yes xD I finished TG root (the ending was so sad, omg ;; really made me cry). I also finished Death Parade (Awesome anime, I loved it. Even though the ending was very emotional as well xD) Um...I'm watching Assassination Classroom (very funny anime xD) And I also finished Parasyte (definitely one of my favs in this season)

But, as I said before, recently I've been reading more manga than anything else..Especially Shoujo Manga, sometimes I need those stories full of love and drama xDD And Tokyo Ghoul (of course) and..I don't remember what else xD

Thank youuuu!! :3 Hope you have a wonderful week, as well! ^^