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Mar 1, 2016


I started reading H2 to enjoy more of adachi's subtle sense of humor and best slice of life work that he gives in his evey mangas. But at the end H2 turned out to the Best Manga I have ever read. The night on which I finished reading it, I was unable to sleep and even after that few days I couldn't stop thinking about it. All of the mangas I have read this one left a very affect on me.

If someone is just starting to read Adachi Mitsuru work then please start with H2 because main character used by Adachi is almost similar in his every work. Though main character is very influencial still if we are familiar with Adachi's work then we can kind of predict main characters behaviour.

Its the most detailed sprots and romance manga of all of Adachi's work. Especially romance and also baseball. Some may find boring reading all the baseball detail but every romance part easily makes up for that.

SPOILER** :ABOUT ENDING. though the ending was not what i wanted and i hated adachi for many days after finishing H2, but slowly as the time passed by I came in terms with it and realised that along the manga there were hints about what ending will be. But it still is very painfull to accept. The main character is the best. He is so good that many readers start hating the main female character for her role.

10/10 story
8/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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