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I'm a 24 years old swede who mainly likes odd sci-fi shows (preferrably devoid of mechas) like Texhnolyze and Ghost In The Shell but is also very fond of things on the opposite side of the spectrum like Digi Charat and Ghibli movies. I guess you could say that what I like the most is things that doesn't try to be much more than entertaining.

Most if not all animes that tries to be deep and thoughtprovoking fail at it because they fail to realise that anime is a visual media. In visual media you work with moving pictures as you all know so sticking long monologues that could as well been part of a book is poor storytelling. While I have nothing against shows bringing up philosophical concepts it always goes to far when a character suddenly has to explain how it all works. No doubt a hard thing to balance but when it's done right it is glorious, sadly it very rarely is.

So, when I review shows that simply are often gets bonus points while most that tries to be deep and thoughtprovoking gets a point deduction simply because they fail at it. My ideal animes is in other words Laputa, Castle in the Sky and Cowboy Bebop while the absolute worst anime I know of is Elfen Lied.

Anyway, my scores works as such;

1 - There is nothing nice to say about things as vile as the ones I award a 1. The only show I've ever seen that I dislike this much is Elfen Lied.

2 - Very very bad, there are few things worthwhile about these shows if anything at all.

3 - Still awful but the show might have some minor positive thing about it. Bad generic ecchi like DearS might fit here.

4 - Subpar and boring, the bad things still outweigh the good ones even though there might be some good points.

5 - Mediocre and lackluster but might interest fans of the genre.

6 - Shows promise and is interesting enough to warrant a full watch. Though still some bad things about it.

7 - Definitely a good anime, while there may be issues it's still recommended if you like the genre.

8 - Without a doubt a highly watchable show, the good points far outweigh the bad ones though there still are minor problems.

9 - Great shows that I recommend anyone to watch, very few faults with it.

10 - Only rewarded to my personal favourites, while perhaps not perfect in my mind they are damn near.

Also be reminded that everything I write is opinion, if you disagree with me feel free to argue but if I don't like your favourite anime just don't take it personal.

Finally the overall score will often vary wildly from the rest of the scores. My overall score is what I thought about the show, whether I actually liked it or not while I'll try and be at least somewhat objective when setting the other scores.

Also I have a lame blog at

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Kamishi Jun 30, 2013


This is rather embarrassing as I haven't written to you in over a year and I changed account too. Long story, I rather take that in a more private place but my new profile introduction is a hint. 

I am also going to see a psychiatrist in less than two weeks, although my problems are probably different to yours. I quit Diablo III as I grew bored of the game at some point. Furthermore, I could only play as long as I subscribed to WoW and I quit WoW last summer too. I picked League of Legends instead although sometimes I wonder what good it does me. The problem with online games is that you play with people and people are stupid and stupid people drive you insane sooner or later.

I finished my studies last year and I got VG on my thesis on folk and Viking metal and how it's affected by globalization and can be studied as a global phenomenon. I have however, been unable to find any job relating to my primary field of social anthropology (no surprise), and I am now considering to go back studying and get a degree in programming by applying to a distance program. It is necessary it is distance as I have no ability to move anywhere because I have my job and I can't leave it and I cannot get any other source of income that is capable of covering all my living expenses. 

Life's complicated as fuck at the moment. I just try to stay afloat, for most of the part.

LeaT Jun 1, 2012

Yeah, I don't visit AP much at all these days because my anime craze passed for now. I'm getting back into it though strangely enough. Gonna watch something called Blue Drop (no idea what it is but I like the art style) and some movie whose art style I also like. They are both rated mediocre here at AP but meh, I don't care and I stopped caring long time. A show like Sci-fi Harry has really poor ratings even though it is well above average but lacks a proper closure but was otherwise quite entertaining while it failed to deliver it the whole way.

So have you watched something lately and what have you been doing?

LeaT Mar 18, 2012

Sorry for the terrible late response, but I've been terribly busy with stuff -.-

Anyway, that fight scene is kind of funny XD I admit it was a long time since I saw Hong Kong action, I think anime violence as euthanized me as I get disappointed nowadays if people don't fly meters and breaks walls.

Same, I also watched most of the anime I've seen during that age. Sure, there is more mature anime out there, but I agree, it's hard to keep interest since indeed the most popular demographic is teenagers.

And I don't know, maybe because Evangelion is still darker than a typical shonen mecha? XD It's not a terrible anime though, I have to admit upon rewatching, but certainly not the best out there either. It did however kind of revolutionize the anime scene so it matters in such a sense.

Haha, lack of development in FMA? Admittedly I never read the manga but the anime is a lackluster, to say the least. It just gets stuck at some point and then nothing happens, esentially. Can't speak for Brotherhood though, but I am not interested enough in FMA as a title to really watch Brotherhood.

I agree that there's always a qualititative aspect of all works of art. I mean, I love the movie Barb Wire despite it's utter shit in terms of quality, but it doesn't mean it's less entertaining. And then there's art out there that has a really high quality like Black Swan but that I don't find entertaining at all.

But what I hate the most though I have to admit are people that come up with poor excuses why they don't like something, like "it doesn't follow the hero's journey so therefore it's bad art and I don't like it". Stuff like that just makes me facepalm. Just be honest and say you don't like it instead since that's what you're saying anyway, especially if the claim is not true. Sure, I can dislike a certain type of art because it lacks a technical aspect I enjoy e.g. I love old In Flames but not so not new, because they changed the technical aspect of how to write music resulting in them moving from MDM to a more modern form of metal, but I am not gonna say that just because their lyrics are emo or whatever the music sucks.

And I definitely don't think it's about saying to be like yourself. It's just about people not coming up with bullshit excuses as to why they like or dislike something and just be honest about the quality of the art itself which is completely separate to the enjoyment of said art.

Yes, a lot of people have issues seeing things objectively ;P

And it's fine, I don't mind wall of texts as I have a tendency to produce them myself XD

LeaT Feb 5, 2012

Good question about female action heroes o.O I can't think of any. Well, Pamela Anderson...? XD I do thoroughly enjoy her in Barb Wire, but mostly because it's one of those movies that's so bad it becomes good. Actually though! We're narrow-minded now, aren't we? We forgot the Eastern scene! Michelle Yeoh is quite famous and she does the martial arts herself, so that really is some extra cred right there.

I don't think it's inscribed in your genes. I like Chobits too! I gave it a four :D Cowboy Bebop was hard for me to melt though, but maybe I was too young when I saw it...? But I saw Chobits even earlier. I was like 16-17? Completely wrong demographic anyway, and I like it. I also like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind that I mentioned previously, and I'm the completely wrong demographic again. I mean, it's meant for single men in their 30s XD

Honestly though, I don't think good art is limited to a specific demographic. If the art is good it  can be recognized by anyone. I also think that there's a lot of expectations of what we are supposed to like that matters a lot. Hah, you're 2 years older than me. I had my serious anime craze though around Death Note, Elfen Lied etc so I didn't miss out those waves.

You're talking about comics in the last post, aye?

LeaT Jan 29, 2012

Of course I know it can take physical manifestations, but the source is not physical in that sense. Oh well, I am quite sure a neurologist would debate this point with me as well.

Agreed on CLAMP. And again, a clichéd story is not necessarily bad just because it's clichéd as long it's really well told. Which I suppose goes back to the comment about CLAMP, since a well told story usually spins the original concept a bit further than what's normal. Otherwise it's still pretty damn generic and it's hard to discern it from other similar stories.

Well, I have only seen Buffy too but on the other hand, I do like Buffy a lot. Well, it probably partially has to do with that I actually saw Buffy when you're supposed to see Buffy aka being a young teenager. Having a female kicking vampire ass was like a dream come true for me when it came to TV series and films. The only other female protagonist I can actually think of that I even remotely respect as much as I respect Buffy as a character is probably Scully from The X-Files, but even then she was exposed to some very odd stuff like that stalking serial killer or the her unresolved deal with the Catholic church. Still, she was a woman of science which spun the concept of male and female quite a bit further than what was normal, seeing that it's usually the woman who's depicted as the superstituous and irrational one, but in this case that role was taken up by a man. An awesome man nevertheless. Why did quit Duchovny, WHY?!

I guess you're right about that Naruto is probably the most untalented among all the characters in Naruto making him somewhat likeable in that regard at least. I am not overly fond of Kishimoto's characterization in general though, because he does indeed tend to make his characters bland and boring. It was one of the reasons why I quit watching Naruto because none of the characters really interested me. When I also realized that most of them even looked exactly the same but with different haircuts and then there was Sakura on top of that, the decision was pretty easy :P If I wanted to read a story about ninjas, there are others that are far more interesting.

Good point, what do us geeky gals get? >.<

Death Note didn't revolutionize manga but when it was initially published I remember that there were quite a few comments back then about Death Note being one of the best ever written and so on and so forth, it was so unique and amazing and bla bla yadda yadda and I quite frankly never got it. I got to volume 5 or 6 (I don't remember, they're all in my flyttlåda right now) and then I quit. It became so damn absurd to me. But yes, one of the reasons that turned me off was that it was indeed so damn pseudo-intellectual. It wasn't that the characters were necessarily smart, they were just written to appear as smart but they way they appeared as smart was to do these silly cat-and-mouse games that at the end of the day made little sense to me. I still remember how I thought the whole deal of hiding a camera inside (?) a bag of chips and writing in the Death Note behind it while pretending to study or whatever was just going too far.

I love Death Note as a concept, but I am not sure how well I thought it was carried out in practice in the end. I had hoped for it be a bit smarter than THAT. I think Death Note had been great as a seinen, by the way.

And nope, I haven't seen Breaking Bad. Damn, I got so many titles on the recommendations list that you've mentioned now T_T