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Well since I've written a few reviews now I've decided that I should wright a bio for myself so here I go.

My favorite anime genres are action, fantasy, and romance I'm not sure why I like the last one but it gives me a fuzzy feeling and while it's slightly concerning I can't pretend not to like it. As for action and fantasy they are just awesome and anyone who disagrees while intitled to their own can kindly me me behind Mcdonalds in an hour for a "polite discussion"

The show that really got me into anime was Golden Boy and while my tastes have matured since then I'll always have a special place in my heart for the anime that started an obsession.

Some of my hobbies include political debates. MMA, Hiking, thinking about nothing, and anime (4 and 5 sometimes co-exist). I also like to wright reviews on animes that have either lackluster reviews IMO or none at all.

I'm currently going to college to become a lawyer while retaining most of my moral fiber. Some say it can't be done but a man can dream right? I also work for the city as a sanitation and general maintenance specialist or in layman's terms a janitor.

I have been watching anime now for 5 years and am glad to have found this site. The community is great and the enthusiasm for anime is awesome. I hope to be one of the elite reviewers so if anyone sees this please VIEW AND COMMENT ON SOME OF MY REVIEWS! I would greatly appreciate it.

Well since I can't think of much else to write this must be me in a nutshell thanks for reading and oh this is how I rate my anime.

5- Obviously perfect not many of these given out

4.5- brilliant only 1 or 2 things keeping it from perfection

4- above average a good watch for almost anyone

3.5- average depending on the genres some may love it some may hate it

3- lower middle class not particularly good but a nice waste of time none the less

below 3 pretty much trash the lower the number the biger the piece of trash but pretty much anything below 3 isn't worth watching.

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