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Elemental Gelade

Aug 26, 2013

My first impressions of this anime were positive because of all the flying ships, flying islands, pirates, etc. It reminded me of SOUL EATER for obvious reasons (characters changing into weapons). It was suprisingly good but the plot was very predictable.

As for the story/plot, it was neither great nor dull. It was, well... good. The cast consists of your usual MC who is very kind hearted, protective, heroic which you find in any other shounen anime. And as for the girl, she is your average good looking, damsel in distress kind of character. The supporting cast consists of this ANNOYING loli, a dude and an other girl/weapon. In the entire anime, that loli pi**ed me off the most. I almost stopped watching for that reason.

The voice acting, except for that annoying loli, was good. The MC is voiced by Ishida Akira who happens to be one of my favorite seiyuus. As for the other characters, the voice acting was good. The music and animation were good but not great.

IMO, the bad guys were all talk but no stuff. They talked big but when the time came, they got defeated pretty quickly. But, the bad guys are mean't to be all tough and all. So, I will let it slide (lol).

I would recommened this anime to all you romance/fantasy/action, SOUL EATER fans. One positive aspect of this anime is it's not boring although the plot is very predictable. If you get bored of watching your usual anime, this anime is good to break the flow.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall

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