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Black Clover

Jan 12, 2021

It had a great potential like many other failed anime or manga in out world. The plot synopsis alone - while a somewhat common - seemed interesting enough, considering it was a shounen series. Sadly, it failed on many levels including it's close similarity with the characters, plot lines etc. from other older, popular, main-stream manga. It was much too boring for me in which I eventually dropped the manga as well as the anime from the overload of no proper plot, too much of a slow start and screaming Asta. I prefer the series Mashle over Black Clover with it's One Punch Man + Harry Potter style which is pulled off much better in my opinion. 

While I have not completely finished the series, I've read far enough to a point where they are defeating the man with the crystal powers. After writing a review long after dropping the series, my memories are dulled and unfortunately I cannot remember the full names of abilities or people other than the main characters. While the battle was interesting enough, covered in a mass of cliches and the fact that once again, the protagonist pulls off an OP move 1000 where they suddenly discover that they have gained immeasurable powers to suddenly come out on top. I do agree, it was still interesting despite my other complaints but mainly because I'm here reading these manga generally for the battles as the story and character relationships eventually detoriate despite progressing further into the story. 

Many people have compared this to Naruto, Fairy Tail and several other shounen anime in which I highly agree. The two main rival cast Asta and Yuno are very similar when it comes to the bond of Naruto and Sasuke, though their relationship had already progressed into a friendship before the series begins. The relationships with the other characters are similar, though there isn't really an OP teacher like Kakashi Hatake or Satoru Gojo which supposedly take care and pull together a group of 3 (consisting of the MC, his rival and some random pouty, near useless and action less female character). While some might say the leader of the Black Bull sort of serves in that role, he isn't as kickass as the people I mentioned as far as I went. The plot is similar as well, though I do say once more that "Becoming the top of ____ world!" is a common theme in these shounen series', so I don't see much harm in that. Despite it, the proximity of the Black Clover series to Naruto where it nearly felt like a carbon copy felt disturbing, to a point where I might as well have been reading a fantasy AU of Naruto. 

As I have mentioned, I have dropped the series a while ago and most of my memories were fuzzy, as the story did not leave a lasting impression on me. Even manga like Naruto still stick to my mind, not because it's very mainstream and popular but because the story itself was interesting and I could actually find some taste to it despite the plot derailing after the Zabuza and Haku plot. 


Asta and Yuno are orphans raised in the outskirts of the Clover Kingdom. In a world where people are born with magic, Asta was born without any. In contrast, Yuno was born a prodigy with above average magic power and the talent to control it. Additionally, in their coming of age ceremony, Yuno receives a rare four-leaf clover grimoire, like the original Magic Emperor. On the other hand, Asta received a tattered grimoire where a Devil lies within, a five-leaf clover grimoire.

The story follows Asta and Yuno as they crawl their way up the ladder of the Clover Kingdom's Order of the Magic Knights, in the midst of scrutiny by the nobles, to become the Magic Emperor. However, the title is only preserved for a single mage. Who will attain the coveted title of the strongest mage in the kingdom, Asta or Yuno?

Once again, great potentially by possibly pulling off some wack stuff that might have made the story interesting. While the synopsis was common and not new as any manga you would pick up in a manga store, it still could have been interesting by adding more into the characters and lore which would have greatly pulled of some magnificent things.

We already know that Asta is the most likely to become the strongest mage, as seeing many other manga and shows in which the MC ends up becoming the number 1 of whatever setting that they are in. Seeing as the Asta has no magic powers, it would have been better for him to have already accepted his fate and despite so, trying to become number 1. Instead, it dragged it all onto the place where everyone got their grimoires and in which Asta finally accepted his fate because he got a grimoire despite being powerless. 

The story definitely had a slow start where it attempted to add more of Asta and Yuno's backstories into the manga, and introduced the main lore of the world, and it's different people within it; especially the Black Bulls. There Asta meets several other powerful people who are somewhat outcasted from the others, though they have magic unlike Asta. Some of the beginning battles were petty, and the 'villain' of those few chapters refused to die at all, until he did. While the battles should be interesting and heart-racing, it didn't for me. It just felt like more screaming was added on with a bunch of special effects and little strategy other than "lets shove Asta out and he can defy everyone's magic!" 


I enjoyed the art, I don't think there is much to comment about the art style about the mangaka. While some character art doesn't feel as good as others, I think it's still very entertaining and never really an eye-strain. However, I found to dislike the coloring of the manga covers, as they felt too pale or dramatic in certain areas which was a miss-match of the whole thing. Some of the manga felt too detailed as well, straying from the normality of the artists style, though I enjoyed it as I prefer much more detail oriented pictures. 


The point which it could have been better as other typical shounen manga. I found that the main character, Asta was very, very, very cliche and boring. In fact, he was worse than most other shounen protagonists. He screamed too much, he was very immature and lacked any common sense. While this may have been typical for some characters - especially MCs - his was on a different level. Characters like Luffy from One Piece are generally known to be dumb and are just dumb, but with someone like Asta you can tell he has easy potential to be smart, and it just seems like he's yelling around for the fun's or for attention. Not to mention Asta is 15, but it seems like he was trapped in a kindergarteners body and shoved off to battle. I would have liked a character similar to the MC from the series "Saikyou no Shienshoku "Wajutsushi" de Art Ore wa Sakai Sakiyou Clan who Shitagaeu." The MC in that series is more like Rimuru Tempest from the series "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime," which equally has a great protagonist persona.

Yuno is supposedly a much less edgy but much more powerful Sasuke. It is true, as he is a kind and helpful teen who is popular amongst his village and already has immense control over his magic. Immense meaning ... he has little need to improve. He is already one of the most powerful and characters from the starting of the series, and even Sasuke had potential to grow and stretch over time. Yuno, unfortunately doesn't have that much room to do so as he is already much more powerful than the others of his age, including Asta. There is little rivalry from my stand-point, because in reality Asta would have likely not earned a grimoire and Yuno would have just simply been strong enough to defeat his friend. I honestly feel like Yuno may just give up his potential position to be number 1 for Asta, and be a "good friend." 

The female character which I have forgotten the name of, is again one of the uncontrollable female characters who are going to grow to be "just as powerful as my male buddies!" similar to Sakura. The girl comes from a noble family and is pretty much is just as good as a runaway, hiding away because of her lack of control over her powers. She quickly gains control soon after meeting Asta, which isn't a conisdense because her magical crush has magical powers that subconsciously influence those around him. It would have been potentially better if she fell in love with Yuno than Asta, because for some reasons people go head over heels for dumb characters with a lot of powers. 


I didn't like the manga, I wouldn't say it's trash and that you give it a try, but you might like it or just find it as boring and bland as I did and eventually drop it out of lack of plot or character development. 

3/10 story
8/10 art
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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