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I told my I wouldn’t write any rant reviews but you know what, Fuck you Hayate Movie.


The story is about par for the course for a moderately serious arc of shounen romantic comedy. And thats the problem. Hayate TV was a pure lulz fest while this movie had a few gags and iPhone name dropping but thats it. There was no narrator, no fourth wall breaking at all (!), only Nagi and her friend seemed to be remotely remember what the original was like. Normally it’d be a medicore “you know whats going to happen the whole time” kinda story but cause it undermines the basic principles of the material its shit.


You’d think a movie would look better as it has a shorter run time and presumably a proportionally larger budget. Ha. The character design have taken a steep drop in quality and the two TV seasons weren’t exactly lookers in themselves. The non-character stuff was ok I guess but really ruining the look of the characters kill the whole thing.


Same voice actors as before, some degradation seems to have occurred but its similar enough to say its good. Music and stuff is bleh but thats not different than TV.

I watched the first 10 minutes hoping Hinagiku would save the show cause the rest of the cast seems to have been ruined. Sure Hayate, Nagi and Maria are basically the same but when you take away the gags your left with flat characters (sorry Nagi) that have a massive hole. And the characters (re: student council girls) who basically were just one gag and now have that taken away from them.....ugh..... Of course if this was a Hina-service fest I could live with it but they even ruined her, less confidence more shy dere stuff that she was good at subverting before and hell she’s barely in the thing and only gets into some badassery at the very very end.

Don’t watch this. No, even if you LOVE Hayate its not worth it. IF anything if you like the series this is even more of a not recommend.

0.5/10 story
2/10 animation
5/10 sound
0.5/10 characters
1/10 overall

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Calahan Jul 14, 2012

Thanks for the review shatnershaman. I've found the enjoyment I had from S1 is already being lost somewhat the more I watch of S2, so if there's a risk of all my good memories of the show being destroyed, then I'll pass on the movie to preserve whatever I have left. (by the end of S2)


@ kuruaisaburu

You are asking the reviewer to re-watch this because you feel he/she didn't understand it and, in your opinion, has given it too low a score as a result.

And yet your profile shows that you have given (almost) every anime you have ever watched a 5 star rating, which shows that you have no ability to be either objective or critical when it comes to assessing anime. Or are you really claiming that not only is (almost) every anime you have ever watched equally as good as every other anime, but also equally as perfect and equally as flawless. No, I don't think so somehow.

So instead of being critical of others in how they review anime’s, and how they rate them based on the various strengths and weaknesses of the anime that they have perceived, you should instead spend that time looking at yourself. And when doing so face the reality that it is very rare to find a perfect anime, since most anime’s have their faults to a certain degree.

Sometimes those faults can be outweighed by the positives, and by the enjoyment derived from watching it, which results in the anime being worthy of the highest levels of praise and acclaim. But this can only ever apply to a limited number of anime, and certainly never to them all (as you seem to think it does). Only the blindest of blind fanboys decide to rate every anime as perfect, which they are free to do if it makes them happy. But in doing so they lose their right to be in any way critical of how other more sensible, honest and objective people choose to rate and review anime’s.

So in future please take a good look at you own failures in how you rate anime, before criticising people who demonstrate being able to be both objective and realistic with their ratings.

Kuroikarasu May 2, 2012

...Your rant is want really kills Hayate in whole. Can you not take into perspective that even though that Hayate no Gotoku is a comedy, that doesn't men you should expect it all the time. It seems you didn't even understand the story at all. Please for the love of God rewatch the move and don't rate it on how it looks or sounds. Base it one what you read. Actually take up what they said and cherish it. By the way you say thing, it seems that you don't even like Hayate no Gotku at all.

zedigalis Jan 5, 2012

completly argee, by its self it would have been an OK movie, but as a Hayate movie it was crap. I was hoping the whole time for more of the gags and silliness that made the show one of my favorites but it never came. This summary at the end of this review gets it right: Do noy watch this if you liked the Hayate show, the movie kills it...