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Romantic Killer

Oct 28, 2022


Although the story has a few clichés, I found it original, funny and entertaining; I'd really like to see a sequel.

I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't 100% positive, happy comedy (I'm not against those stories but they're a bit repetitive and don't have any kind of wow factor). The serious issues that were dealt with made me understand the characters and empathise with them.

The art accompanies and enhances the story very well, I've always been a fan of exaggeratedly expressive faces in anime and this resource has been used a lot in this one.

In general, the animation was good, on a par with what is currently available in similar productions.

The cast of seiyu has been of superior quality, if you're a regular anime fan you'll recognise most of the voices involved.

I don't usually remember the soundtracks if they aren't very significant (like in the case of Naruto for example), I get too immersed in the stories and I don't pay attention to them (honestly I can't even remember if this anime has had background music xd), I can't help it xd so I'll just say that I liked both the opening and the ending to listen to them normally as just another song.

The characters are good and well developed. I would like to highlight their humanity, I think that in fiction it is something difficult to transmit (I can't explain why), but in this work it has been achieved very well, removing the magic/fantasy and the consequences it has caused, it could perfectly be a real story.

I think that even if you have high standards you might like this anime, even if it's just for fun.

7.5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall

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