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i'm not good with bios... but here we go!

i'm shoo, a webtoon creator. i watch anime as an escape mechanism haha. i first watched anime when i was in kindergarten (?) but honestly, i couldn't tell cartoons and anime apart at that time. however, i started watching them consciously around 2017 (?)

the very first anime i had seen was kirarin revolution. ever since that day, i became hopelessly romantic lol i don't watch anime based on their ratings. there are so many of them out there underrated. i discover a lot of gems this way!! i mostly enjoy watching josei, romance, horror, psychological, thriller. watching anime had me realise a lot actually, and i improved a lot in person (i sound very lame FGHJKLJHGHJK)

some of my favorites: 91 daysshingeki no kyojinbabylonfruits basketyuukoku no moriartyjibaku shounen hanako-kunviolet evergardenwotaku ni koi wa muzukashiihappy sugar lifevanitas no carte, kimi ni todoke

BUT let's jump into the main topic. WEBTOONS/MANHWA/MANHUA/MANGA

like i just said i'm a webtoon creator (not a very cool self-promo, click to access the webtoon) so, i would like to read them as well. i pretty much read from every genre but i avoid everything erotic, with that: NO YAOI, YURI, HENTAI, ECCHI. i despite the bl genre very much, i find it as a disgusting genre (hate me if you want to) about romanticising rape and unwanted relationships also fetishising gay people, so thanks but no. favorable genre: isekai, reincarnation, villainess, revenge, historical, romance, horror, psychology, thriller.

some of my favorites: homesickomniscient readera guide to proper datingseasons of blossomthe remarried empressthe savior's timehappily ever afterwardslike wind on a dry branchchasing tails, a chance at last

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What?! No anime ratings?

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What?! No manga ratings?

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