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Martzl Aug 28, 2016

Well first hello and nice to meet ya lol. But second Thanks for following me! I followed you back too so lets keep in touch okay??

Anyways lately I've been pretty busy and I haven't been watching as much anime as I'd like :(. I am watching the second series to  Clanned if you know that anime... That's pretty good! But the other one im watching is Steins;Gate which a lot of people like I guess... But idk I just don't feel it lol. I refuse to start another anime because then I wont finish those ones lol.

Also thats good about SAO! The first part of the anime is personally my favorite (and most peoples). But don't let that stop you from finishing SAO 1 and starting SAO 2 (Last 10 episodes of 2 are insanley good as well)! But yeah based on your bio you seem like you'd be similar to Kirito lol maybe thats why you like him so much. I've seen people like "Omg I wanna be(or am) just like kirito!" But irl they social af and don't like being alone............ like really dude ;-;

TK8305 Aug 28, 2016

I'm good!  Currently watching Dog Days" and finished High School DxD BoRn earlier.  Also caught up on Rezero.  hehe...

How are you?  Also followed ya on here!  Hope you can back!  :)

ZeroGreninja Aug 28, 2016

I'm doing good! My classes begin tomorrow however and I'm not ready for school haha

I've been watching Hunter X Hunter and Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans lately. What anime have you been watching recently?

Altheos Aug 28, 2016

Hey there, 

Yeah, I really love Sword Art Online! :3

I've been watching quite a bit of Gintama lately, it's really stupid and funny haha. I've also just finished watching God Eater, which I really enjoyed!You seem pretty new here so welcome! ^.^

XxZeroeZxX Aug 28, 2016

Hello there little cutie *pet* ^_^

Thanks for stopping by! :D

Your Lie in April is a beautiful show, but very sad though be prepared!

But I highly recommend it :)

So, do u want to be my new kouhai? ^_^

I give great *hugs* ;)