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Theatricmusician Apr 3, 2018

Thanks! I really am enjoying it!

JadedDragos Feb 24, 2018

Hey! Long time no chat! How's it going? What ya been up to/ watching?

XxAnabananaxX Feb 14, 2018

 Sorry fell asleep with my deaf cat.  I could be better, how about you? 

XxZeroeZxX Feb 13, 2018

Aww thats ok

And its really nice that ur meeting people :)

I wonder if they're tiny like u *pet*

Anyway, feel free to hit me up on the Discord some time if ur not around here ^_^

But yes I'm fine dear, just been real busy w/ work but I'm hanging in there

XxZeroeZxX Feb 11, 2018

Katie! :D

Come here u *hug* :)

I thought u left us for good, what’s been going on w/ u dear? ^_^

As for me, life’s been pretty busy and hectic at work but I’m hanging in there somehow :)

Starting to get into the groove of it at this point, but still a lot going on

But I feel like I’ve been doing well managing my free time though, I’ve acrually been keeping up w/ anime and my friends a lot more lately :)

So u just gotta take it all in stride ^_^