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 Brief warning

I have watched only the animes and have NOT played the game (yet) so my opinion is based only toward and on this anime. And please remember this is my OWN opinion and I have NOT come to fight or argue with your opinions. I simply agree or disagree in my own small lil' head and this is only my personal opinion. Thank you!


Story: The story is what mainly caught my attention, like most of my anime reviews, you can tell the story has a lot to do with my opinion. The story is about Makoto Naegi and a few other characters. They all thought they attended or are attending a school but really, attended a murder-happy school. A murder would happen and they all had so long to collect clues then go to an interrogation room where they put their skills and clues to the test. If you answered wrong, well, tough luck. If you answered correctly, the person (of course there is more to this, just trying to be a little less spoiling) was killed. This is a very interesting story and I personally loved it.

Animation: The animation is another thing that caught my attention, the coloring is very detailed and expressed (in my personal opinion) that made it nice to watch. When they entered their punishment for murder, the way the graphics changed and everything was nice!

Sound: The sound was decent, I watched the vidoes on YouTube so in my opinion, for YouTube anime. It was good

Characters: The characters had very good characteristics. They matched their "talent" very well and had all the right junk in the truck to get me to buy (don't mind my weird quotes)

Overall, I love this anime and can't wait to play the game!

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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