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Mar 14, 2019

This was my first webtoon and how it all started! Please note....


And I have not read this webtoon in a while, so please, bear with the mistakes of my terrible memory! Thank you.

Story: I am in love with the story! It's what caught my attention. And please note, I'm not a big fan of horror. So you know, something went down, to get me, to read this MASTERPIECE!! The story is about a murder and his son; his son is more in the spotlight so let's just say it's about him and his relationship with his father, eh? Anywho, his father seems like this goodygoody guy and so does the son, with a great relationship. But behind the walls, his father is a women killer! I think, if I remember correctly, it had something todo with his wife, not sure. But the son is also part of this, he lures them in. I mean, his father is a murderer! Of course I would do his every command. Plus, the boys doesn't have this great life. With metal bones and a fake eye? Oof~! But eventually, the boy (I can't remember his name as I feel too lazy to go look so he is, the boy) falls in love with this girl causing him to change his wicked ways...well, it's more of a fight back thing because again, EVIL FATHER ALERT!!!!! And, at the end, I actually cried! (I'll be kind and keep that spoiler out of reach)

Art: Now, the art is another thing that got my attention. Absolutely beautiful! The art has detail, so I hope you can stand some blood *wink* (you're welcome for that warning!) I personally fell in love with how beautiful a webtoon comic can be with it being so dark and I mean in both story and art design! 

Characters: I feel like the characters were really well thought out; they had character and creativity. Not just, *boom* a murderer. And *boom* he has a kid and *boom* a cliche of romance. They actually had some perks and characteristics! I felt sort of as if I could have really been in their heads! (In a less, weird or/and controlling way but like in their place)

Overall: And that is how we get an overall of 10. An amazingly unique and interesting story with beautiful art design paired with good character design, this story is pretty damn good. You almost forget it's a horror story with murder! (Almost?) That's why I give my rating of 10 to an extremely talented author and artist! 

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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