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I would not read this manga if you have experience with sexual assault or abusive relationships involving gaslighting and disregard of agency. 

So, I actually really liked the first chapter and the idea of where they would take the story, and it really was charming... until they got into the prince's point of view. The reviewer before me mentioned this too, but in chapter three was kinda gross with the prince's complete disregard for the FL's wishes. Also his greatest problem is his libedo being to high, which like 🙄. But, it was really just kinda cringe and weird, but not that bad, and I personally was willing to see where they would take the story. But chapter 4 REALLY crossed a line. And at this point I think I'll issue a trigger warning. He full on sexually assaults her and it is not framed as a bad thing. He also puts a permanent mark on her that makes it impossible for her to say no, like it legally binds her to him against her will. It just gets really bad. Both the prince and the FL's father disregard her choices and feelings, and both view the betrayal of her trust and unwanted acts against her body as good things. 

And, look, I get that sometimes things aren't for everyone, but this manga made me feel physically ill by the end of chapter 5. I wouldn't recommend, and in fact would recommend against it if you have experience with people like this. 

1/10 story
6/10 art
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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