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Bambi to Dhole

Dec 9, 2018

Let's start off with the story.

Basically, the story was really good but I felt like the author could have give more justice to it by portraying more scenes, more drama and more romance between the two main characters. That was the first time I had encountered a story wherein the male lead is a father. I really like that kind of twist so I was like expecting something different. 

The story's phasing is quite fast, in my opinion. Well, given that the manga is 20 chapters long, I was expecting it half way. But then again, I thought something surprising will happen but I guess not. Anyway, the actual story was really good. 

Next, the art.

The art is quite good, not your typical shoujo manga art but it was impressive in its own way. 

The characters. 

I absolutely love the characters. They all have their background story especially the main leads. I shed tears in this manga but not that much unlike when I was reading Orange. I love the way Bambi tries to find a place she belongs and how Tetsu made her realized what she's been missing. I just love how their charatcer develops and how they find romance amidst their personal issues. 

It was worth reading but expect that it's not that good unlike any other shoujo manga we have read. This one is special and unique in its own ways. 

10/10 story
8/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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