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Sword Art Online

Jul 21, 2021

I give this anime a perfect score because i'm biased, not going to lie to you all. BUT, do you want to know why I loved this anime?? You probably don't, but for the people who do want to know and want to watch this in the future, here's my reasoning: Well, let's start with the obvious, this anime focuses on VRMMORPG-otherwise known as a "Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game". And, as you know means, a massive, many player vr game that focuses on role-play. Let me break it down even more; A game that uses a VR headset that can contain many players, AND focuses on role-play. You might think role-play is weird and for kids, but role-play means anything. For instance, this game role-plays sword play and dungeons and duels. Any gamer loves that type of game (unless they're weird). That would be reason number 1: A VRMMORPG every gamer could like. Number 2 would be, in my study (which was a researching of 1000 people), 62.7% of anime viewers actually likes romance and 73.2% of 1000 gamers want romance. If you give an average of both combined, that would be 68.45% of 2000 people liking romance! And you might be asking, what do these statistics have to do with SAO? Simple, there are many parts that actually contain romance, and spoiler, romantic scenes in the first 13 episodes! So, gamers and romance lovers, I would so recommend this anime to you; and if you don't like it, I apologize in advance. 

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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