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hellamisanthropic Oct 22, 2020

Alois raised a lot of awareness for people suffering from mental illnesses similar to his, and the fact that people didn't like him because they didn't understand him was very aggravating. My ex girlfriend has BPD and Alois perfectly captures how much they can love and how toxic their love may be. His character is bashed because people don't like his toxicity, which is valid to an extent, but he doesn't act like that on purpose. It's just very frustrating that a character that captures something people struggle with so clearly is despised. We never get characters like Alois, the only other character (that I can think of) that acts similar to Alois is Ash Lynx from Banana Fish, but he wasn't hated like Alois. 

hellamisanthropic Oct 22, 2020

Oh! Most people don't understand his character enough to form a genuine opinion on him, so I elaborated. The only mentally ill anime characters that people like are characters with depression or anxiety, so when they throw in a character with genuine trauma with genuine toxic behaviors (which is WAY more realistic), it irritates me that people hate him. Calling him a 'brat' is fucked up because he literally cannot control the way he acts. 

hellamisanthropic Oct 21, 2020

Who are you even talking about?? Huh?