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¿About me?

I'm an Intp-T. And a die heart Kpop stan.

I live like a salted fish but i do have some hobbies although I'm too lazy to actively carry them out continuously. 

Anyways I'm a deep rooted fujoshi and an otaku. And I prefer shounen ai over yaoi.

But the one and only irreplaceable thing is my never-ending unconditional love and obsession towards danmei novels and webnovels. I won't be me anymore without danmeis. My favourite writers are Lianxi Lianxi, Priest, Mu su li, Jiang Zi Bei,Zi chu,温泉笨蛋 & Mxtx.

I'm just as addicted to western books,mythologies and philosophy but I don't see any need to mention those books here. But one thing is, I prefer reading books with deep and complicated notions. Light hearted books aren't my forte.

I'm quite extreme with my likes and dislikes in my reviews. And i don't plan to do otherwise. But I do pour my heart and soul in my reviews and they're more from a subjective viewpoint than objective.

Favourite heavy angst and complicated danmei novels and webnovels

Favourite school life danmei novels

Favourite slice of life danmei novels

Favourite e-sports danmei novels

Most favourite dark/psychological/twisted/horror bls

Most favourite mysterious/angsty/tragic/emotional bls

Most favourite comedic/fluffy/heartwarming bl mangas

Most favourite comedic/fluffy/heartwarming bl mahwa/huas

Most favourite angsty/mysterious/suspenseful/psychological/tragic straight stories

Most favourite comedic/heartwarming/action/romantic/sports stories

As for anime i basically watch all type except for harem,reverse harem,hentai & ecchi obviously. And I'm not much of a fan of rom-com animes except for some exceptional ones. Sports and shenin genre are my most favourite. I love action genre too but without romance as a sub plot and with the protagonist as an anti-hero. And I'm really biased towards the early modern era setting of anime. Additionally i love the comedic,healing,fluffy & goofy animes a lot too T^T. 

Favourite anime list:

Also there's a fanfiction of kuroken named The galaxy is endless. I'm obsessed with it.

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geumi Jun 19, 2024

no, no, i meant these two are examples of your mentioned favorites i'm excited to start reading sometime but as excited as i am i'm also scared because i know they will destroy me lol so i'm just dragging it on to read later thanks to that :p i love it when fiction makes me tear up or cry but the pain that comes with that makes me hesitant to read it at the same time. like tgcf and mdzs were so so good and are one of my favorites too but damn did they hurt. it's still painful to remember quite a few scenes but i love these so much. :p


geumi Jun 18, 2024

i actually appreciate people who take their time to write their bio so nicely like that so i enjoy reading it no matter how long it is! i honestly could point out tons of your mentioned favorites i'm excited on reading (and scared at the same time because i just know i will be devastated, like "banana fish" or "the summer hikaru died").

knowing kod's horror is that good makes me even more curious about it ngl. the amount of trigger warnings piqued my interest because there were just so many. i'm excited lol

and i'm glad you think so! . my reviews and ratings might seem lower in comparison but that's just because i'm annoying when i'm rating things by myself so even things i enjoyed a lot are not rated highly. i guess i just think too much when i'm rating stuff :p recently i finished reading "dream away" and i actually enjoyed it a lot and i was excited for it because i saw your review amongst others praising it but even enjoying it a lot my overall score was still 6.6 :') so i'm glad you think so too even tho my ratings usually have lower scores.

geumi Jun 18, 2024

your reply made me giddy because of how cute it was :') your novel lover self really helped me, btw! i was really glad when i decided to see your bio for the first time and saw so many different favorites and so nicely categorized too. because i've been meaning to read more novels, specially ones on modern settings, it made me happy to see you had so many you enjoyed and recommended. i can't wait to read more, although i'm a slow reader when it comes to novels (i just want them to last longer and end up dragging it on .). right now i'm slowly reading the ones under school life and later i plan on reading the more angsty ones i haven't had a chance to read yet, like "little mushroom" and "kaleidoscope of death"! i hear these are very good.

and nice to meet you too! it's really nice to meet someone with similar tastes and good recommendations.

geumi Jun 17, 2024

hello! i see your reviews and comments around so much and your taste is similar to mine so i got used to looking for your reviews every time i want to read or watch something new so i can take it into consideration. i really like how you speak your mind whether you enjoyed something or not. because i trust your reviews already, i want to try reading bit by bit all these novels and mangas and whatnot you mentioned on your bio. they seem really interesting. there's two of those i've started reading and i'm loving it already! one is "wait for me after school", i'm already on chapter 83 or something and i cried so much and laughed so much. it's so good. the other one i'm still on chapter 13 but i'm also loving it, it's "reborn with an old enemy on the day of our marriage". it's really funny so far and their cute moments are also adorable. i really really enjoy seeing you around expressing your thoughts, so i thought i'd let you know. hope you have a nice day~! c:

L0ser1o1 Jun 14, 2024