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¿About me?

I'm an Intp-T. And a die heart Kpop stan.

I live like a salted fish but i do have some hobbies although I'm too lazy to actively carry them out continuously. 

Anyways I'm a deep rooted fujoshi and an otaku. And I prefer shounen ai over yaoi.

But the one and only irreplaceable thing is my never-ending unconditional love and obsession towards danmei novels and webnovels. I won't be me anymore without danmeis. My favourite writers are Lianxi Lianxi, Priest, Mu su li, Jiang Zi Bei,Zi chu,温泉笨蛋 & Mxtx.

I'm just as addicted to western books,mythologies and philosophy but I don't see any need to mention those books here. But one thing is, I prefer reading books with deep and complicated notions. Light hearted books aren't my forte.

I'm quite extreme with my likes and dislikes in my reviews. And i don't plan to do otherwise. But I do pour my heart and soul in my reviews and they're more from a subjective viewpoint than objective.

Favourite heavy angst and complicated danmei novels and webnovels

Favourite school life danmei novels

Favourite slice of life danmei novels

Favourite e-sports danmei novels

Most favourite dark/psychological/twisted/horror bls

Most favourite mysterious/angsty/tragic/emotional bls

Most favourite comedic/fluffy/heartwarming bl mangas

Most favourite comedic/fluffy/heartwarming bl mahwa/huas

Most favourite angsty/mysterious/suspenseful/psychological/tragic straight stories

Most favourite comedic/heartwarming/action/romantic/sports stories

As for anime i basically watch all type except for harem,reverse harem,hentai & ecchi obviously. And I'm not much of a fan of rom-com animes except for some exceptional ones. Sports and shenin genre are my most favourite. I love action genre too but without romance as a sub plot and with the protagonist as an anti-hero. And I'm really biased towards the early modern era setting of anime. Additionally i love the comedic,healing,fluffy & goofy animes a lot too T^T. 

Favourite anime list:

Also there's a fanfiction of kuroken named The galaxy is endless. I'm obsessed with it.

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Fifelotus May 6, 2024

Hellooooooo again!!! :D

Just wondering, when I was going back to the novel recommendations you gave me back on February (because I forgot to write it down), I couldn't find the 4 o'clock flower novel on AnimePlanet. Am I typing the title wrong or something? 😭, but I am able to find the novel on novelupdates at least~!

Also, about the Wildfire novel, I'm almost finished but it will probably be like 1-2 more days to conclude my reading session for this :3

lauver May 6, 2024

omg <33333

lauver May 5, 2024


loudmeowth Apr 23, 2024

alright, thanks 

already caught up with the manhwa anyway so to the novel i go! 🏃‍♀️

loudmeowth Apr 22, 2024

Hello! (woohoo i'm your 100th comment) I saw your comment on a character from Debut or Die! that implied you read the novel,


i was wondering if you could give me your opinion on which is better (manhwa vs. novel)! i'm debating which version i should waste my time on binging..