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¿About me?

I'm an Intp-T. And a die heart Kpop stan.

I live like a salted fish but i do have some hobbies although I'm too lazy to actively carry them out continuously. 

Anyways I'm a deep rooted fujoshi and an otaku. And I prefer shounen ai over yaoi.

But the one and only irreplaceable thing is my never-ending unconditional love and obsession towards danmei novels and webnovels. I won't be me anymore without danmeis. My favourite writers are Lianxi Lianxi, Priest, Mu su li, Jiang Zi Bei,Zi chu,温泉笨蛋 & Mxtx.

I'm just as addicted to western books,mythologies and philosophy but I don't see any need to mention those books here. But one thing is, I prefer reading books with deep and complicated notions. Light hearted books aren't my forte.

I'm quite extreme with my likes and dislikes in my reviews. And i don't plan to do otherwise. But I do pour my heart and soul in my reviews and they're more from a subjective viewpoint than objective.

Favourite heavy angst and complicated danmei novels and webnovels

Favourite school life danmei novels

Favourite slice of life danmei novels

Favourite e-sports danmei novels

Most favourite dark/psychological/twisted/horror bls

Most favourite mysterious/angsty/tragic/emotional bls

Most favourite comedic/fluffy/heartwarming bl mangas

Most favourite comedic/fluffy/heartwarming bl mahwa/huas

Most favourite angsty/mysterious/suspenseful/psychological/tragic straight stories

Most favourite comedic/heartwarming/action/romantic/sports stories

As for anime i basically watch all type except for harem,reverse harem,hentai & ecchi obviously. And I'm not much of a fan of rom-com animes except for some exceptional ones. Sports and shenin genre are my most favourite. I love action genre too but without romance as a sub plot and with the protagonist as an anti-hero. And I'm really biased towards the early modern era setting of anime. Additionally i love the comedic,healing,fluffy & goofy animes a lot too T^T. 

Favourite anime list:

Also there's a fanfiction of kuroken named The galaxy is endless. I'm obsessed with it.

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Misoony May 25, 2024

I saw your comment on my feed to FireLotus, and i AM SO EXCITED FOR "THE SUMMER HIKARU DIED" ANIME!!! I hope it gets a good studio though. It's such a good manga I hope the anime does it justice.

Fifelotus May 24, 2024

Hiiiii sassykillua, I think I remember seeing you reading The Summer Hikaru Died, there's an anime adaptation in the works for it~! Although, we don't have a release date, there's just a celebratory illustration for it somewhere on the Internet~!

Fifelotus May 22, 2024

Yayaayay, I finally finished For Better or For Worse, but I unfortunately can't remember who recommended me this 😭😭😭😭, I thought I made a note somewhere but I didn't apparently. I so so agree with your review on it, omg, why did they do all that mental gymnastics at the last few chapters HAOWUWIWHWJWOQHWH

CloudNine15 May 16, 2024

oh and i forgot to say this, but it's the same for anime too. "2024 anime challenge" not the seasonal one. 

CloudNine15 May 14, 2024

they will mark the manga you finished reading this year. so once you finish reading one, you can see it on the challenge.